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7 Essential Items to Take on Every E-Mountain Bike Ride

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An E-mountain bike ride should feel free and weightless, but there are essentials you cannot afford to leave behind. You need to protect yourself from injury, easily resolve mechanical issues, and stay hydrated through your e-mountain bike ride. Without these items, it will be very hard to lose that beer belly since you won’t make it through your first mountain ride.

Most bikers prefer carrying these essentials in gripper bags since they are less bulky than backpacks. Regardless, these items are a must-have on any mountain e-bike ride.

  1. Helmet

The most obvious of accessories when going out on an e-mountain bike ride is a helmet. It keeps your most important asset “your brain” safe from serious injury. You are well aware of the dangers of mountain biking, and it is only smart to always have a helmet on when riding out on your e-bike.

Make sure your helmet has no cracks and it fits well before purchasing it. It is also wise to replace your helmet within the recommended time of five years as they often break down and become less sturdy with time.

  1. Water

You need to stay hydrated on the trail. No matter how good your current shape, you will lose a lot of water through sweating, so you better have enough water with you. Hydration doesn’t necessarily have to be plain water, it could also be a cocktail of your preferred sports or energy drinks.

Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to carry your water, from bike bottle cages to fanny hydration packs. You only need to find the style that suits your e-mountain bike ride needs.

  1. Gloves

Gloves are a cool gadget to wear on your biking trail, but more than style, they offer better grip and protection on every ride. More often than not, your hands are the first to touch the ground when crashing, and gloves can help you protect your hands.

Crashing on a bike ride is a common phenomenon, and the aim here is to reduce the number of wounds you get in your riding experience. Gloves also help keep your hands warm, especially in the cold months of the year. Choose your e-mountain bike gloves depending on the climate and your style.

  1. Spare tire tube

Flat tires are frustrating. The only thing worse than having a flat tire is having one without a spare tire tube. This could leave you stranded on a trail or force you to hike all the way back to your trail-head. Even if you are riding on tubeless tires, a spare tire tube is necessary in case you can’t seal a leak.

  1. Pump

If you are replacing your tube, you will need to refill your spare tube. You could use a CO2 inflator or a small bike pump for on-trail inflation. There are very compact CO2 pumps to reduce the weight you carry on your e-bike ride. Regardless of your pump choice, the additional weight beats walking.

  1. E-bike Multi-tool

An e-bike multi-tool is essential when making simple adjustments to your bike, including seat height and tightening loose components. You can carry your e-bike multi-tool in a saddlebag to keep the weight off your back or eliminate the need of carrying a bag, particularly on short bike rides.

  1. Snacks

Don’t forget your snack! They keep your body energized while avoiding the dreaded “bonk”. Sugary snacks provide your body with quick energy, while protein-rich snacks keep you going on longer trails.

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