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Best EBike Rental in Bentonville, Arkansas | OZ EBikes Downtown Bentonville

With over 250 miles of the best mountain bike trails, Northwest Arkansas (NWA) is the ideal destination for cyclists. It is in a region with rugged terrain, extensive woods, and the most developed culture for cyclists in the country.

NWA has exclusively made impressive investments in off-road trails for the last ten years. You can now revel in the region’s top-notch infrastructure, including pump tracks, state-of-the-art jump park, skills courses, and shuttles in downhill runs.

Not only is NWA popular with biking enthusiasts, but it has also rightfully earned its position as the best destination in the country. In 2016, this region hosted the International Mountain Bicycling Association, and in 2019 the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship.

Arkansas is also set to host the Cyclocross World Championships in 2022.

Best E-bike rental in Northwest Arkansas

The best provider of rental services for residents of NWA and its surrounding regions is OZ E-bikes. You can rent powerful and comfortable e-bikes from us at competitive pricing. Our options include Class 2 Certified Electrical Bicycles for Rentals.

Why choose our services?

We have electric bikes that enable you to enjoy the beautiful sights that Arkansas has to offer. Our belief that this activity should be inclusive gets reinforced by the fact that our e-bikes allow easy exploration for young and old individuals alike.

Our bikes have adjustable electric assistance that you can tweak to suit your personal preference. They are perfect for both energy-saving people and those that need a good workout.  Plus, our company is owned and operated by veterans.

E-bike Rates

The e-bike rental rates at OZ E-bikes are as follows:

  • 1 hour- $20
  • 2 hours- $30
  • 3 hours- $40
  • 4 hours- $45
  • All day- $55

Available E-Bikes

We have the following option at OZ E-bikes:

  • II. Class 2 e-bikes

Class 2 e-bikes share a top speed limit of 20mph and the throttles on Class 2 e-bikes don’t require you to pedal for them to work.

Apart from throttles, these e-bikes also offer electrically assisted pedaling.


Our e-bikes get powered by electric motors. You will find them at the bike frame’s center or on either of the hubs. E-bike motors fall under any of the following categories:

  • Front hub motor
  • Center drive motor
  • Rear hub motor

After-sale services

Other than rentals, OZ E-bikes also provides NWA residents with e-bike tour services. Our team is ready to guide you through tours ranging from a Tour of the OZ Trails and a Mural/ Art Tour to a Tour of the Razorback and a Brewery Tour.

What to Expect

When you opt for OZ E-bikes rental services, you can expect us to:

  • Walk you through the e-bike and its features in detail
  • Avail a lock and helmet
  • Briefly test your skills and watch your ride one of our e-bikes
  • Arm you with a map and list of recommended rides
  • Review our rental terms and conditions with you

At OZ E-bikes, we take pride in providing the best e-bike rental services. Try us, and your biking adventure in NWA will be transformational. Contact Us for more info.


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