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E-Bike Rentals in Bentonville, AR | OZ E-Bikes

OZ E-Bike Rentals Company is based in Bentonville, Arkansas, popularly known as the “Mountain Bike Capital of the World.” We want to make the beauty of Arkansas and the international community accessible to all. E-bike rentals in Bentonville, AR provides e-bikes rentals in Northwest Arkansas. The bike trails go all the way from Bella Vista to Fayetteville.

At OZ E-Bikes, we rent out Class 2 e-bikes, which are pedal assist e-bikes with speeds that make cycling enjoyable for everyone! All of our e-bikes are able to go anywhere a standard bike can go.

Types of motors in Bentonville, AR E-Bike rentals.

  • Front hub motor.
  • Center drive motor.
  • Rear hub motor.

Benefits of our E-Bikes.

People of all ages can rent E-bikea in Bentonville, AR. Regardless of body condition, all users gain from the “pedal help” and additionally get to spend leisure time with family and friends like they’ve never done before. Our e-bikes are quick, simple, and versatile allowing you to ride for long distances without exerting much effort. They have a pedal assist that can be adjusted, making them suitable for people who have knee injuries, arthritis and any other debilitating leg issues.

  1. If you’ve never tried e-bikes, you’re missing out. Our bikes enable you to cycle effortlessly. You get to change the speeds if you want to race with car drivers on straight roads.
  2. The e-bikes are thrilling to ride, practical, and enable riders to cover more ground in less time than would have been done by traditional bicyclists. E-bikes are particularly useful for a variety of activities, including; work-home commuting, bodily exercise, freight transport, road riding, mountain biking and family fun time.

E-bike Rentals in Bentonville ‘after sale’ services

Apart from e-bike rentals, we also give you guided e-bike tours across the Razorback Greenway, along the Crystal Bridges trails, all around, up to and including to the local breweries and other entertainment joints. We consider these some of our ‘after-sale’ services and include:

• E-bike tours with a guide (Complimentary OZ e-bikes, branded water bottle included) and group-building exercises.

• Trail recommendations.

• E-bike repair and maintenance.

• E-bike assembly (including rad power bikes).

  • Helmet, lock, & trail maps

We want families, both young and old to see the great outdoors of NWA with the help of E-bike rentals in Bentonville AR. We guide you in sightseeing all the best spots from really great coffee shops in Bentonville, Arkansas to all the food places. If you are a mom or dad that needs to take your kids to outdoor events, OZ E-Bike rentals in Bentonville, AR also has a wagon that allows you to do that effortlessly.

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