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E-Bike Rentals Northwest Arkansas | Mountain Biking Trails

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E-bike popularity has been on the rise in Northwest Arkansas, and it’s not hard to see why – after all, who wouldn’t want some extra finesse as they free ride across the great Northwest Arkansas biking trails. From the Slaughter Pen biking trail to the Mount Kessler trail, e-bikes give you every reason to be stoked. Still need a bit of convincing? Oz Ebike Rentals has the perfect reasons why you should join the e-bike revolution.

What are e-bikes, and where can I get them in Northwest Arkansas?

First things first, e-bikes are here to stay. E-bikes recorded a spike in sales, rising by over 91 percent in the last three years alone. The $15.4 billion industry doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

At Oz Ebike Rentals & Tours, we are excited to be among the first e-bike sale and rental service providers in Northwest Arkansas. You may have already seen one zipping through the Back 40 biking trail and thought to yourself, “We are living in the future.” It is one of the biggest adoptions in green transportation, but it’s more than that.

E-bikes have rechargeable batteries and clock speeds of up to 15-28 mph (25-45 km/h). They travel faster and help you crisscross the great Northwest Arkansas biking trails in better shape. The last thing you need is to be up on the Upper Buffalo Headwaters trails and can’t cycle anymore.

Coming from a certified bike tour guide, you wouldn’t want to miss the breathtaking scenery. Get aboard the revolution and see what the hype is all about. Oz Ebike Rentals has a selection of e-bikes you can choose from.

What is the hype all about?

E-bikes have the pedal-assist feature. The feature technically combines man-power and machinery to give your pedaling a boost. The impact and stress to your knees when riding a standard bike can take a toll on your overall health. E-bikes significantly reduce the strain on your thighs and knees.

The sweaty rides no longer have to limit you on the biking trails. Here are some reasons why you’ll want to get an Oz Ebikes e-bike for your next biking trail adventure.

1. They are Flexible and Fast

E-bikes provide an unforgettable ride. Whether you want to cut loose or push yourself to the limit, e-bikes allow you to go faster and longer. Coler’s bike spot is the e-bike riding; the last thing you want is to be left behind and have to catch up with other riders. Where’s the fun in that? If you are a new rider or an experienced rider sticking to the same biking trails in Northwest Arkansas, try out the e-bike and get ready for new adventures. Get an e-bike from Oz Ebikes, go out there, and have some fun.

2. There’s a bike for every occasion

Name any trail in Northwest Arkansas, from the Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail to the Back 40; we have a bike for every trail. Want to carry along a picnic basket on your biking trail? We have e-bikes with full-suspension, hardtail, and even performance road e-bikes.

Want to take the scenic route? Our e-bikes can help reduce car trips and make the trip worthwhile. Avoid parking, environmental concerns, and traffic by using one of our e-bikes especially suited for your needs.

3. Improves Fitness

Unknown to many, riding an e-bike is just as effective as riding a standard bike. Although it is pedal-assisted, riding an e-bike is good for your overall health and keeps you fit. If your goal is to become more fit, Oz Ebikes offers customizable e-bikes to help you join the fitness ranks. You can look at different e-bikes before committing to any bike.

4. They are the future of cycling

The future lies in e-bikes. We have seen the sleek vehicle slowly being replaced by smart, eco-friendly cars. The e-bike is on its way up there with other smart, environmentally friendly transport counterparts.

With the paved trails being expanded in Northwest Arkansas, e-bikes are bound to have a large part in sustainable transport. At Oz Ebikes, we are proud to be part of the movement, and you can too. Rent or purchase an e-bike and become a part of history.

Get an E-bike from Oz EBikes Today

Getting an e-bike rental in Northwest Arkansas is easier than ever before. Riders coming in to hire an e-bike before hitting the biking trail need the standard bicycle riding skills, and you are good to go. Are you considering the shred the great Northwest Arkansas biking trails? Pop in at your local Oz Ebikes to rent or purchase one.


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