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E-Mountain Bike Rental | Bentonville, Arkansas | YT | EMTB

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Are you looking for an ebike rental company in Bentonville, Arkansas? At OZ E-Bikes, we rent out different kinds of ebikes you can choose from to explore Bentonville and the surrounding areas. Whether you are simply touring the beautiful town or seeking to hit some mountain bike trails, we have the best e-bike options. Contact us to book the best emountain bike for your mountain biking in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Our EMTB Rental Services

Biking on rough terrains and mountain bike trails requires an e-mountain bike with a reliable output. This means that the e-mountain bike should provide sufficient power and reliability without you putting excess effort into pedaling the bike.

At OZ E-Bikes, we rent the best emtbs to locals and visitors who want to conquer the Bentonville mountain bike trails. Compared to normal or lesser-powered bikes, our Giant Full-Suspension mountain e-bikes are better and sufficiently rugged for such unfriendly terrain. You can rent our emountain bikes as a group or individually. We also offer YT Decoy 29 Carbon Full Suspension EMTBs for rent! CORE 2 stands for a versatile platform with carefully selected parts specification that combines performance and efficiency. The DECOY 29 CORE 2 will please both beginners and experts alike, with its carbon main frame and its aluminum rear triangle. This is a perfect trail-shredding machine, made even better by high-quality components and uncomplicated suspension elements. Regardless of whether you want to go out for a quick rip or a long bike trip – with the DECOY 29 CORE 2, you’ll be ready for anything.

Why the E-Mountain Bikes?

Northwest Arkansas has some of the best mountain bike trails in Arkansas, and conquering such trails requires an equal investment in effort.

The emountain bikes are perfect for steep climbs, rough descents, and prolonged time on the trail. Our e-mountain bikes feature a smooth suspension setup and an effortless boost of pedaling effort. More importantly, it has unique technologies and power to help you ride the toughest Northwest Arkansas mountain bike trails.

The tires are designed for more grip and shock absorption. Rest assured, it will soak up most of the jarring bumps that you would otherwise experience.

Who Can Use Our EMTB?

We rent out quality-assured e-mountain bikes that come with safety features to help you have control over your ride. You can rent the bikes for a solo trip or a fun day out with your family. The bikes also have comfort features, meaning anyone with a slight physical challenge can still manage to ride them.

Bike Trails in Northwest Arkansas

Bentonville and the surrounding cities have some of the best singletrack mountain bike trails in the state. Below are some of the top recommended mountain bike trails:

  1. Slaughter Pen Trail. This intermediate-level singletrack trail stretches 15 miles. The surface is mostly hard-packed with some gravel.
  2. Back 40. Back 40 is a singletrack, intermediate biking trail measuring 40 miles.
  3. Blowing Springs. Blowing Springs is an all-season, multi-use biking trail accessible to amateurs with challenges and complexities for season riders. Its north trails were designed upon bluffs lines offering a great scenic view. The trail measures 7 miles.
  4. Tunnel Vision
  5. Little Sugar
  6. Choo Choo Area- 2 miles.
  7. Coler Mountain Bike Preserve- 5 miles.

Rent a E-Mountain Bike in Bentonville, Arkansas!

OZ E-Bikes offers an assortment of e-bikes for cyclists who want to explore different terrains. We offer reliable and robust emountain bikes, in addition, we also provide tours for locals and tourists looking for guides to explore the greater Bentonville, Arkansas. Contact us to book your reservation today.

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