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Ebike Rentals Bentonville Arkansas | Outdoor Adventures in NWA

Bentonville, the 10th largest city in Arkansas, has a rich history and beautiful terrain. This area was a hunting ground for the Osage Indians in the past. It is infamous as the birthplace and current global headquarters of Walmart Inc., the largest retailer in the world. It has been recently named the Mountain Biking Capital of the world!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can enjoy biking adventures on over 28 miles or mountain trails in Bentonville. Other activities you may engage in in this region include camping, boat riding, jogging, and bike racing.

Expect to have tons of fun sightseeing and exploring the scenic landscape and enchanting wildlife in Bentonville, regardless of the season.

Renting an e-bike in Bentonville

Electric bikes or e-bikes are a source of endless fun for most outdoor lovers. If you have never enjoyed riding one, you may be missing out on one of the best experiences that two wheels can offer. But, before you rush headlong and rent an e-bike, there are a few things you need to know about them.

  • They have numerous extra components that are absent in traditional bikes. These components include a motor and a 6-8lb battery pack that fits just below the carriers or into the down tube.
  • It is easier to ride them than traditional bikes
  • These bikes are heavier than most standard bikes
  • The battery pack’s charge can get depleted
  • They are pricier to rent than traditional bicycles

Why Rent an Ebike

Renting an e-bike is a fulfilling experience that allows you to spare time and energy. One advantage these electric bikes have over traditional ones is they can propel themselves without requiring you to pedal. That saves you some hustle, especially when you are tired.

You can also get speeds of up to 40km/hour from some e-bikes. That makes them a quicker mode of transport and a better option for avoiding traffic. On top of all these, e-bikes are safer for the environment when compared to most other modes of transportation.

E-bikes are suitable for everybody. Before buying one in Bentonville, consider renting to see whether it meets your expectations.

Types of Ebikes You Can Rent


This e-bike is like a motorcycle or scooter. It gets propelled by a throttle and therefore does not require peddling. You can change its speed and acceleration by applying varying amounts of pressure to the throttle.

Pedal Assist

Pedal Assist is the most popular e-bike. The motor present on it assists a pedaling rider by powering the rear wheel. That ensures you spend less energy pedaling, even on high gears. This bike is ideal for fast and easy mountain biking. Plus, you can tweak the resistance whenever you need to.


Bentonville, Arkansas is a lovely city that everyone should explore. You can enjoy this adventure on a rented e-bike from OZ EBikes right in downtown! It will make your travel faster, allow you to exercise, and make biking on steep terrain less demanding. Try one out, especially before making a purchase, and enjoy the life-changing experience!


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