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Ebike Rentals Near Me | OZ EBikes

Are you looking to rent high-quality e-bikes to explore the Bentonville, Arkansas area and beyond? OZ E-bikes Rentals and Tours is here to make your experience even more enjoyable. There are several biking trails all over Bentonville, each with different levels of challenge.

You need a high-quality bike that is designed to go beyond such challenges. At OZ E-bikes, we rent out clas 2 e-bikes designed for comfort and assist functionality. Rent a bike with us, whether you are going solo or with your family.

Our E-Bikes in Bentonville, Arkansas

Our Class 2 e-bikes are pedal assists with varying speeds that make cycling a fun experience. The bikes can take to virtually anywhere, whether it on hilly terrains or bike trails on Bentonville.

Why Should You Rent Our E-Bikes?

  1. Age-Versatile

Fortunately, our e-bikes are designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their age. People of all ages can rent an e-bike in Bentonville, Arkansas. If you have a young kid, the bikes are designed to allow you to carry the kids at the back. In addition, we provide you with a wagon that will enable you to bring your kids to outdoor events.

  1. Family-Friendly eBike Rental

Are you looking to spend time with your family or friends? We rent out e-bike to solo riders or group riders. So you and your family can ride and spend time together with your family in Bentonville, Ar.

  1. Pedal Assist

Regardless of your physique or body condition, our bikes are designed to make the cycling experience a smooth sail for you. The bikes feature a pedal assist function that does not require intense energy exertion.

The pedal-assist feature makes our e-bikes ideal for individuals with arthritis, knee injuries, and other leg complications.

  1. They Are Perfect for Fitness

Our e-bikes require reasonable amounts of force to move as intended. The pedal assist makes it easier to pedal the bicycle without intense struggle. As such, they allow you to cover more distance. The more distance you cover, the more you exercise your joints and body without putting intense pressure on your strength.

  1. We Also Offer After-Sale Services

Besides renting out our e-bikes, we also provide tour guides to help you navigate the Bentonville surroundings. We also offer group-building exercises, perfect for a family or friends’ day out.

We will provide you with a helmet, lock, and trail map for your safety and the bike.

Biking Trails in Bentonville Arkansas

Bentonville has some of the best-paved pathways, singletrack trails, and on-road routes great for biking. In addition, there are over 50 miles of award-winning mountain biking trails in Bentonville.

To maximize your biking experience, we recommend the best biking trails.

Some of these Bentonville biking trails include;

  • Slaughter Pen Mountain bike trail. The mountain bike trail measures over 5 miles and is specially designed for mountain bike enthusiasts.
  • Coler Mountain Bike Preserve measuring 18 miles
  • The Back 40, which is a terrific trail network with varying distances
  • Hobbs State Park, with over 24 miles

Renting An E-Bike

At OZ EBikes, we provide our customers with high-quality bikes that they can rely on to conquer different terrains. Our prices are pocket-friendly and our services top-notch. Call us for more information on e-bike rental in Bentonville, AR, today.


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