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EBike Tours | OZ EBikes and OZ Cycling Tours

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Are you new to Bentonville, Arkansas, and looking to explore? Ebike rentals have constantly stood out as the most practical, affordable, and fun way of exploring our town. At OZ Ebikes, we provide e-bike rentals for e-bike tours with OZ Cycling Tours.

Who Are We?

OZ Ebikes is a popular and reliable e-bike rental company serving people in Bentonville, Arkansas and the immediate surrounding areas. We rent out high-quality Rad Power and well-maintained bikes.

At OZ Ebikes, we offer class 2 e-bikes that come with a Pedal Assist Power feature as well as twist throttle. Regardless of how intense your e-bike tour is, our e-bike can get to places that regular bikes can go.

What We Do—E-bike Tours

Besides providing e-bike rental services, we partner with OZ Cycling Tours to provide you with thrilling and exciting e-bike tours. Are you an adventurous biker looking to enjoy the beautiful bike trails in Bentonville?

Our expert tour guides can show you every possible attraction and trail to conquer on your e-bike. With over 100 years of experience, OZ Cycling Tours has been guiding local racers and riders in Northwest Arkansas. With such background knowledge and wealth of experience, the company can take you to places you have never been to here in Northwest Arkansas.

At OZ Ebikes, we partner with Cycling Tours to take you on biking tours on the Razorback Greenway Trail, running from Bella Vista to Fayetteville, Arkansas. In addition, OZ Cycling Tours can take you to different places and including the amazing Back 40, Little Sugar, Slaughter Pen, and the Blowing Springs in Bella Vista.

Enjoy beautiful scenery with OZ Cycling Tours that partners with OZ Ebikes to provide highly reliable e-bikes for e-bike tours.

Benefits of Hiring Our Local Tour Guide

Why do you need a guided tour?

  • Time-saving. A cycling tour guide knows the different terrains and can help you enjoy the best ones in the shortest time that you have. This eliminates the need for you to study maps to find the ideal biking route
  • Custom e-bike tours. Are you a beginner or expert biker? Whether you are biking alone or with a group of friends and family, OZ Cycling Tours can customize the perfect bike tour for you that matches your needs and expertise levels.
  • Rider Tips. Not every rider can conquer every obstacle or is expertly skilled at riding e-bikes. While our e-bikes come with user-friendly assist features, your tour guide can also provide extra riding tips and teach you how to conquer several obstacles typical of biking trails.

OZ Cycling Tours does everything possible to ensure riders enjoy their e-bike tours. Besides recommending the best routes, the guides also provide customized help to riders.

Most importantly, these our e-bike tours are reasonably priced, allowing you to enjoy beautiful terrains and trails without breaking the bank. Contact us to link you with the best e-bike tour providers in Bentonville, Arkansas.


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