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Electric Mountain Bike Rentals Bentonville Arkansas

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Bentonville, Arkansas, has a lot to offer, from beautiful routes, impressive art museums to challenging mountain climbs. However, while you enjoy all this that Bentonville has to offer, there’s one thing you can’t afford to forget to check out: the biking scene! The city has grown into a new destination for bicycle tourists and mountain bikers. This scenic town is perfect for all types of biking preferences, including electric bikes.

Keep reading as we dive into everything you need to know regarding electric mountain bike rentals in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Bike trails in Bentonville Northwest Arkansas

From bumpy descent to pitchy climbs, the trails of Northwest Arkansas offer very thrilling and challenging rides. The trails are well-marked to delineate difficulty, ranging from green to double black. To get the most out of your cycling experience as a family or individual, consider the following biking routes in Northwest Arkansas.

Beginner Friendly Trails 

Catherine’s Crossing: This is a perfect trail for beginner riders, especially children. This route is found on Mercy Trail, and it is made up of soft surface crushed gravel.

Bentonville Bicycle Playground: This route is located within Slaughter Pen, and it offers ample options for riders of low experience levels.

Tweety Bird Loop: This 2 mile trail is found within Little Sugar Trail. It is characterized by a soft surface mountain bike trail that features slight elevation changes that you will enjoy.

Intermediate to Experienced Riders:

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve: Situated a mile west from downtown Bentonville, this is a technical trail that features big jumps requiring the highest concentration level.

Hobbs State Park: This is known to be one of Arkansas’s Monument Trails. It features 40 miles of prime dirt ribbon. You can easily access it from the Tunnel Connector Trail from the state park’s visitor center.

Back 40: The Back 40 trail system is found down and up the valleys and ridges on the east side of Bella Vista, so if using these trails, be ready for grinding climbs that alternate with swooping and fast descents.

Where to rent E-bikes in Northwest Arkansas

If you want to rent an electric bike in Northwest Arkansas, it is advisable to check out OZ E-Bikes. OZ E-bikes is an E-bike rental company business chain that offers a wide range of bikes ranging from cargo electric bikes, city e-bikes, and e-mountain bikes. These bikes allow you to see more of the trails in less time, give you the fantastic feeling of riding an electric bicycle, and climb hills as you’ve never climbed before. The bike varieties are continually growing, so make sure you check back for new E-Bikes available to rent and try out on the trails.

Cycling Safety after renting a bike in Bentonville Arkansas

Just like any outdoor recreational activity, cycling comes with its risks. To avoid any bicycle-related injuries, be sure to practice safe cycling by doing the following:

Wear a properly-fitted helmet. Wear a well-fitting helmet that protects you from injury in case of an accident.

Keep both hands on your handlebars. Doing this gives you more control of your bike and a greater chance to avoid unexpected obstacles.

Adhere to the rules of the road. Like any other automobile driver, cyclists are always riding in the same direction as traffic and obey all rules and signs of the road.


With bike rental services at OZ E-Bikes, exploring one of the many trails or visiting one of the many adventurous sites in Bentonville, Arkansas, has never been easier. Contact us to book your electric mountain bike now to ensure that your experience in Northwest Arkansas is safe, accessible, and, most importantly, fun!


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