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EMountain Bikes Near Me | Bentonville, Arkansas | OZ EBikes

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Bentonville, Arkansas is The Mountain Bike Capital of the World. If you live in or are visiting the Northwest Arkansas area, be sure to take advantage of the mountain bike trails. Mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the country come here to explore the many state of the art trails with murals and sculptures throughout the area.

Mountain biking is a great activity for the whole family. There are short beginner bike trails and trails for more experienced mountain bikers. Whatever your level of expertise, this is the place to come to experience this exciting sport. Young and old can participate with modern “pedal assist” emountain bikes. If you are new to the sport, here are several fun facts about mountain biking.

                    Types of bikes available 


  • Class 1 —  This class of mountain bikes are pedal assist only. They are best suited to use off the road on mountain trails. The electric motor assists immediately and stops assisting at about 20 mph.
  • Class 2 — Along with pedal assist, class 2 bikes have twist throttles making them more suitable for city riding. The throttle maxes out at 20 mph, the same as the class 1 bike.
  • Class 3 — The main difference with the class 3 bike is the extended assist up to 28 mph and the bike comes with a speedometer. Some trails do not allow this class so check the regulations in the area you are going ride before renting this class of bike.


OZ E Bikes carry the Giant Stance E=2 mountain Ebikes. These are very reliable emountain bikes that are able to handle steep hills and tricky descents for hours on the most demanding trails. A smooth power boost and trail-ready 120 mm rear suspension and 130mm front suspension adds comfort to the ride under rough trail conditions. The strong aluminum frame can handle any trail. This bike can be rented all day for just 80 dollars

You will also find city ebikes at OZ E Bikes. The RadMission is a state-of-the-art city electric bike for urban exploring in style. A 500 watt high-torque electric motor gives you all the power you need to cruise around the city streets. Cargo ebikes and other Rad Power Bikes are available to rent as well.

Stop in OZ EBikes when you are in the Northwest Arkansas area and see the variety of ebikes available to rent or book your bike at OZ EBikes online before you come Whether you are a new ebike rider or a seasoned veteran mountain biker, you will find the right bike at OZ Ebikes for your adventure. We are located at 1003 S. Main Street, Suite 7 Bentonville, AR 73712.




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