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Family Friendly Ebike Rentals Bentonville, Arkansas | OZ EBikes

Cyclists from around the globe are interested in this biking paradise that everyone is excited about in Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville, Arkansas combines both art and nature!

EBike riding is for everyone

Family-friendly ebikes can help you explore and discover more about what nature has to offer from the young to the older adults. Weekend bikers enjoy the Razorback Greenway and the excellent natural environment throughout Northwest Arkansas. Described by city planners, the Razorback Greenway trails are trails traversing 36 miles across shared-use trail that extends from the Bella Vista Trail in north Bentonville to south Fayetteville.

Flexible Electric Biking Assistance

OZ E-bikes are designed with flexible electric assistance that you can customize with a lot of help — or a little. OZ provides an e-bike ticket to adventure creating access to the beautiful Razorback Greenway as well as Slaughter Pen, Coler Creek, Little Sugar Mountain, Back 40, and other bike trails. Riders will love the parks around the Northwest Arkansas area!

The bike trails are everywhere, from mountain bike and paved trails to trails, pump tracks, bike parks, and bike skills spots. Despite being a small city, Bentonville and the surrounding is packed with everything for every level of cyclist and style.

For those who need a favorite family-friendly destination, Bentonville, Arkansas, is the place for you. OZ E-bikes provide family-friendly cycling options, with kids on their list of priorities. They have a wagon that allows two kids to ride on the bike, which you should focus on since it’s family-friendly.

Ebike Rentals

OZ E-bikes allow people to enjoy the open roads and spaces. Staff and employees are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful so they can get you started at whatever level you need from beginner to expert. Rentals include the option of Class two ebikes which has Pedal Assist Power with twist throttles that make cycling as enjoyable as never before.

All the ebikes can go any place that a basic bike can access. The pedal assist power options help increase access for all fitness levels and ages, opening up a world of trails just ready to ride.

OZ E-Bikes is a family-friendly company that will give you the best experience as you explore the beauty of Arkansas, offering full-service ebike rentals and tours for every family member for an excellent cycling adventure

Contact OZ E-bikes for a fun biking adventure in Bentonville, Arkansas today!

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