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Fun Things to do in Bentonville, Arkansas | Rent Ebike in Bentonville

Located in the northwest Arkansas border, Bentonville, Arkansas is a beautiful city famous for hosting Wal-Mart headquarters. The city boasts of a scenic landscape full of rugged hills and enchanting wildlife. Bentonville offers a variety of outdoor activities ranging from boat riding to hiking, bike racing, jogging, and camping. You are sure to have fun exploring and sightseeing in Bentonville, irrespective of the season.

Compton Gardens and Conference Center

Compton Gardens is a nature park designed by Dr Neil Compton, a medical doctor and naturalist. The garden covers 6.5 acres and features native flowers, woodlands, and wild plants. Compton Gardens doubles up as a conference center hosting meetings, weddings and seminars. The park is popular with tourists from around the country. Adventurous tourists can hike or ride the trail with an ebike traversing through the native gardens area.

The Museum of Native American History

The Museum of Native American History features one of the largest collections of indigenous artifacts in the south! A tour of the museum takes visitors on a journey through the continent’s history for the past 14,000 years. The artifacts are displayed in chronological order from the Paleo period to early European influence during the 16th century. Notable exhibits include a huge mammoth skeleton and the Sweetwater Biface, one of the most sophisticated flint tools discovered. The museum offers audio wands to visitors on self-guided tours.

Hobbs State Park

Hobbs State Park is the largest state park in Arkansas, covering over 12,000 acres. It sits next to the picturesque Beaver Lake. The park is a beehive of outdoor activities featuring 33 miles of multi-use trails suitable for hiking, horseracing, and bike racing. The highlight of the park is the 8.5 mile Pigeon Roost Trails, which features easy ebike trails and incredible nature views.

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Coler trail is a pristine MTB hub located a mile off downtown Bentonville. Experts regard Coler as the most challenging endure jump trail system in Arkansas. It has a range of technical trails, including rocky sections, three downhill runs, and multiple huge gap jumps. The trails are of varying difficulty, so you are sure to have fun irrespective of your skill level. If you fancy yourself, you can try the highly technical Cease and Desist trail. For those who love rocky trails, Rock Solid offers a worthwhile challenge.

Slaughter Pen Trail

If Coler trail is too technical for you, Slaughter Pen might do. Slaughter Pen is part of the Blowing Springs MTB trail system and spans over 40 miles. It features long stretches of easy trails that will be fun to explore for beginners and amateur riders. Popular amateur trails include Seed Tick Shuffle and All-American while Medusa and Scott Allen Alley are more suited to pro riders. Coler trail hosts the Slaughter Pen Jam every year, which is one of the major bike events in Arkansas. The trail is accessible all year round for ebike rentals.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The Crystal Bridges Museum showcases the American spirit of adventure and imagination through nature and art. It features collections from colonial times to the modern era. The museum comprises a series of outdoor pavilions interspersed with spring-fed ponds. It houses several art galleries, a museum store, and outdoor sculptures.

Visitors can marvel at the various galleries under different themes, such as the colonial era, modernist sculptures, and stunning artworks by famous artists American and international artists. Notable artifacts include exhibitions by Dale Chihuly spread all over the galleries, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

Crystal Bridges is adjacent to a 120-acre park, which links it to Downtown Bentonville. The park features a walking trail and a stunning sculpture garden.

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