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How to Maintain Your E-Bike | OZ E-BIKES

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E-Bikes require regular maintenance to keep them ready for your next adventure. If you have a standard bike, you already know some of what is required to keep your E-Bike in top shape. An E-Bike has several additional maintenance tasks to perform. Here is a refresher if you already own an E-Bike or a crash course if you are new to E-Biking.

Maintenance Tips for an E-Bike

The top priority for E-Bikes is the battery. This is the whole purpose of having an electric bike. Proper care of the battery can extend its lifespan for years. Here are several tips to make sure your battery will stay in road-ready condition.

  • Top off the charge as soon as possible
  • Use Eco Mode if full power is not necessary
  • Refer to your manual when storing your E-Bike for an extended period. Certain types require a 30 percent change and others a full charge for storage.
  • Monitor weather conditions when riding. Windy or rainy days sometimes will use more of a charge than a calm sunny day.

Tire Care

Mountain E-Bikes travel over all types of roads, trails, and everything in between. Your tires must be regularly inspected for rips and tears. Punctures may cause a slow leak which you may not notice until you are on a mountain trail. Checking your tires before starting your day helps to prevent these unpleasant surprises. Always keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure as stated in your manual. This will provide the smoothest ride and minimize uneven wear and tear.

E-Bike Chain Care

You don’t want to deal with a broken chain while taking a long cruise. Mountain trails can take a toll on equipment. Keeping your chain in good shape is essential. A dirty chain is likely to rust sooner. A chain scrubber and degreaser soap will do a good job cleaning the chain and drivetrain. You may think that a pressure washer might do a better job, but the high pressure will damage your electrical components. It is better to hand clean an E-Bike.

The next step is to apply chain lubricant to keep the moving parts running smoothly in all conditions. An excess of lubricant tends to hold dirt, so wiping off the excess is important. There are various grades of lubricants available. Look for one rated for your climate and the season of the year.

Check Your Brakes

New brakes can be squeaky. After a short amount of time, this should subside. Check your brakes religiously before each ride. Whether you’re cruising in the city or riding an expert mountain trail, you don’t want to forget this step. A little grease on the brakes can cause a big problem if not caught and removed before you begin your ride.

Tools for E-Bike Maintenance

Here is a quick list of tools to keep on hand for maintaining your E-Bike. There are tool kits on the market that include most of these tools in one case.

  • Tire Pump
  • Chain Lube
  • Pedal Wrench
  • Spoke Wrench
  • Tire Patch Kit
  • Cleaning Rags
  • Chain Rivet Extractor

Several of these tools can be kept at home and others such as a tire repair kit and wrenches are good to carry with you. AN E-Bike should be serviced every 1000 miles of riding or 6 months.

Please consider contacting Oz E-Bikes to schedule service in the Bentonville, Arkansas area. We will keep your E-Bike in top shape with a basic tune-up and yearly essential service including drivetrain and frame cleaning. Let’s get your E-Bike ready for that next ride!


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