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Mountain Biking Trails Near Me | Northwest Arkansas Oz E-Bikes

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Northwest Arkansas is pretty much a bike trail mecca. The community cycling advocates, good weather, active cyclists, and the best part, the endless number of varying biking trails make it the perfect e-bike riding spot. You can start with the local’s favorite and progress to difficult mountain biking trails of varying lengths. Oz Ebikes is the e-bike hub set in the middle of the spokes-filled action. Before you hit the trail, check out some of the best trails in NWA.

1. Blowing Springs Loop Trail and Black 40

These two mountain biking trails are a combination of great flow and scenery. The Back 40 and Blowing Springs Loop Trail are intermediate-level tracks with world-class berms and great downhill pathways. The Back 40 is 22.2 miles long, while the Blowing Spring Loop Trail is 4 miles long. With an e-bike carrying you through the caves, springs, waterfalls, and cliff ridings, you can clock more mileage in style. Oz Ebikes runs all year round to live up to the Northwest Arkansas biking trail reputation.

2. Slaughter Pen Bike Trail

Coming from a certified guided bike tour provider, Slaughter Pen is easily one of the best series of mountain bike trails in NWA.

Located in Bentonville, a town recognized by IMBA as a silver-level ride location (one of the 11 worldwide), Slaughter Pen happened due to city and riders’ cooperation.  The trail marks the epitome of urban single-track and serves as an example for cities around the country. Spreading over 20 miles and three phases, it accommodates a variety of skill levels.

Rent an e-bike from Oz Ebikes and enjoy the meanders and hiking trails first hand. The log rides, jumps, drops, and wallrides are inclusive of the Slaughter Pen Trail for the aggressive riders. Oz Ebikes provides guided bike tours along the Slaughter Pen routes on special occasions and holidays.

3. The Railyard Biking Trail

Located right in Rogers town’s center, The Railyard biking trail is a dream come true for bikers. Bikers of all levels can jump, shred, and huck the professionally constructed obstacles and crisscrossing trails. E-bike enthusiasts and professionals looking to hone their skills coming in to hire or purchase an e-bike prefer the Railyard trail.

The Railyard is connected to paved bike paths spread across Rogers town Atlanta trail system. Sound like the perfect spot? Well, it is, get started with a reliable e-bike. Oz Ebikes has the perfect e-bike for the Railyard Trail.

4. Mount Kessler

The Mount Kessler bike trail spans 7 miles and has a difficulty of moderate to advanced. With the right e-bike, cutting across the ride tight single-track is an out worldly experience.

The signature challenging rock gardens and house-sized boulder make the trail for bikers who enjoy a good challenge. OZ Ebikes presents a variety of e-bikes to help you cross the Mount Kessler trail your way.

5. Upper Buffalo Headwaters Trail

Upper Buffalo Headwaters is one of the five trails recognized as IMBA Epic in Arkansas. The trail traverses the Ozark National Forest to reach 40 miles. Paired with an e-bike from Oz Ebikes, the Upper Buffalo Headwaters Trail is hands down one of Arkansas’s most adventurous trails.

The long ascents and descents coupled with creek crossings are suitable for levels ranging from easy to advance. Get your e-bike from Oz Ebikes and enjoy the camera-worthy biking trail and scenery.

6. Coler’s Bike Trail

The design of the six miles long trail is genius. The trial commences from “The Hub,” an intersection at the highest point of the trail, where you can commune with other riders and show off your e-bike. Riders of all levels have a place in the carefully designed Coler’s Bike trail.

The descent is set in lush-green woodland. Think you have what it takes? Get an e-bike from Oz Ebikes and let the 12-foot drops begin.

7. Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail

The 24-mile trail is smooth and unique. The park traverses a pine forest and is the go-to trail if other trails are muddy. The hidden Diversity Multi-Use trail is the perfect spot for riders who want to perfect their cornering instead of bashing and hucking through the trails. Our e-bikes are always prepped and ready to ride. Don’t miss out on the sweeping vistas and wildlife.

Northwest Arkansas has more than 250 miles of top-tier mountain biking trails. It is home to one of the sweetest single-track trails in the country. The Ozarks’ rugged terrain and the impressive design employed over the years to make the best biking trails have earned NWA a reputation as one of the world’s best road cycling destinations. Nonetheless, there’s only so much you can do without a bike. Ready to experience the thrill of the NWA mountain biking trails? Rent or purchase an e-bike from Oz Ebikes.

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