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Now Offering State E-Bike Rentals | Northwest Arkansas

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The Northwest Arkansas area has some of the best single-track bike trails in the country. There are more than 250 miles of mountain bike trails located here.  The rugged terrain of the Ozarks lends itself to impressive terrain for this activity. Expert riders will find challenging trails and beginners can experience less demanding areas while having a fun day for the whole family. Many mountains biking competitive events including the 2022 Cyclocross World Championship are hosted here in Northwest Arkansas.

Here are just Several of the trail systems offered in the area:

  • City Lake Park Trails- This is the place to start if you are bringing the family or are new to the sport. There are beginner and intermediate soft surface trails suitable for all skill levels located 3 miles from the downtown area.
  • Lake Atalanta Trail- Easy, intermediate, and expert trails are part of this fast single-track system including swooping bridges and dramatic views.
  • Blowing Springs Trails- If trickling streams and waterfalls are on your agenda, you will want to explore this trail system.
  • Little Sugar- This is the newest of the Bella Vista system of biking and hiking trails. Once this is completed, there will be spectacular views, long downhill descents, and winding trails.
  • Fayetteville Mountain Bike Trails- Easy-to-access trails are in abundance near city limits. The Gregory Park Trail, Lake Fayetteville Trails, and Kessler Mountain Trails are part of this system.
  • The Railyard Bike Park- This unique park system includes wooden ramps, ride-thru-railroad cars, and jumps. You can quickly access the downtown area from here to visit excellent restaurants and shops.
  • Razorback Greenway – This is a paved trail that runs all the way from Fayetteville to Bella Vista, Arkansas.

These are just a few of the trail systems located in this scenic area. Visit for information on all the trails and activities in the area. Many trail systems have specially designed sections for younger riders of all skill levels.

The ideal way to explore this unique area is by renting a trail-ready E-Bike with pedal assist while you are here. OZ E-Bikes in Bentonville, Arkansas carries a wide variety of E-Bikes for rugged mountain trails and city riding to run your errands in style. Many quaint shops are popping up around the area for you to check out. OZ E-Bikes is proud to offer State E-Bikes for rent now in our Bentonville store. The pedal assist mode will provide 20 to 100 miles of cruising on a single charge. There is also another unique feature with State E-Bikes. The stealth design makes it impossible to tell that these are electric bikes. This makes your bike less of a target for thieves looking for E-Bikes.

                     I 6061-E-Bike Commuter

The E-Bike Commuter is perfect for city streets. The extended mileage rating makes it possible to do all your running around without worrying about running low on charge.  A 20 MPH top speed is capable with the 6061. Single-speed drivetrain technology gives a smooth ride under all road conditions. The Northwest Arkansas trail system has plenty of touring scenic areas which don’t require a heavy-duty mountain E-Bike.

Whether you live in the Northwest Arkansas area or are coming here for a vacation, contact OZ E-Bikes to rent the best E-Bikes available today. Call ahead or schedule a rental online to ensure you get the model that you want and it’s ready to ride when you get here. Stop by our store to check out a helmet, water bottle, or other extras to make your cruising even more fun.



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