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Rad Power Bikes | Rent One Out Today!

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Most rides we take using vehicles are along distances that can be easily covered on electric bicycles. According to an August 2018 FOTW study, three out of every four one-way household trips taken in the U.S are less than 10 miles long. That’s a distance you can easily cover on an electric bicycle.

Rad power bikes are among the best electric bicycles available in the market today, offering performance and reliability above all else. What’s more, you won’t have to break the bank to get a rad power bike, you can even rent one for your ride today.

Reasons to Rent Rad Power Bikes

There are hundreds of advantages that come with buying or renting a Rad Power bike. Among the most acclaimed benefits are;

  • Rad Power Bikes can carry bulky loads of up to 300- lbs. This allows you to take more luggage with you on your trail ride. You can pack as much water, energy snacks, clothing, and other essentials as you need on your ride. With other bicycles, it is hard to carry even half of the weight Rad Power Bikes can comfortably convey.
  • Rad Power Bikes have a generous mile range. They can easily reach anywhere between 25 and 45 miles on a single trip. However, the range depends on the terrain of your trail and the level of pedal-assist you engage on your ride.
  • Rad Power Bikes fit a wide range of riders. With adjustable seats, these bikes are suited for riders of different heights, ranging from 4’11” to 6’5”. This range is perfect for most teenage and adult bike riders.
  • Rad Power Bike features reliable and easily replaceable mechanical disc brakes. What’s more, they are easy to maintain, and therefore, easy on your pocket and won’t hold up your trail ride for long during repair.
  • Rad Power Bikes have durable aluminum frames. Not only are they light, but also sturdy and durable, making them the ideal bikes for long trails and rugged terrains.
  • They are equipped with comfort-inducing suspension forks. Comfort is essential, especially on long rides and on rough terrains. With 60mm comfort-inducing suspension forks, Rad Power Bikes are the go-to option whenever you are going out on a long trail ride.
  • The pricing is affordable. For entry-level utility electric bikes, Rad Power Bikes are pretty affordable for common folk. However, if the buying price is still a little too steep for your needs, you can still opt to rent one out.

Possible Disadvantages of Buying or Renting Out a Rad Power Bike

There are a few reasons electric bikes are not the way to go for some people. For starters, they are significantly more expensive than conventional bicycles. Some of the other main reasons you would prefer conventional bikes over Rad Power Bikes include:

  • Higher maintenance costs
  • The bikes are significantly heavier than conventional bicycles
  • There may be additional cost for LCD digital displays and fenders

The Takeaway

Rad Power Bikes are perfect for entry-level as well as veteran bike riders. Featuring multiple levels of pedal assist and throttle, they are the best trail ride companions, as they offer you a chance to chill and cruise at speeds of 20 mph or higher. Moreover, they are capable of carrying passengers or luggage, and rental Rad Power Bikes come with a passenger kit for this reason.

OZ E-Bikes is one of the most reliable providers of rental Rad Power Bikes. We can also assemble them if needed! Get in contact with us today or submit a request and rent out a Rad Power Bike today.

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