rad power bikes

Rad Power Bikes are everywhere! With Rad’s direct to consumer pricing, the value is tough to beat. So, what are you missing by buying direct and how can we, your local electric bike shop, help?

• Try One Out- OZ E-bikes Rents and Demo’s Rad Power Bikes. $1500 is still a lot to throw down on something you haven’t been able to touch and feel, so stop by our shop and give a few of the different models a try.

OZ E-Bikes is an official Rad Power Bikes Rental Fleet Partner! Find us on the map!

We are happy to answer any questions and are thrilled to help you start riding an electric bike!

• Assembly- Have your bike delivered to us and we will build and tune it for $150-$100. Building the bike is not rocket science but paying a professional to do it will ensure you get the best experience from the get-go. Plus, we deal with all the packing material, recycling, and help the driver get your bike off the truck.

• Maintenance- We hope you use your new bike a lot and can help you keep it in the best operating condition. Bike parts wear out, chains stretch, brake pads wear, drive trains need adjusting. Bring your bike by the shop and we can keep everything running safe.

• Accessories- From helmets to phone holders and even more comfortable seats, we can help your bike be the most useful for you. And why not add something a little different so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s Rad.