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The RadMission and Why It is a Great Beginner EBike | OZ EBikes

Are you looking for an easy and fun ebike ride around town? OZ Ebikes is at the forefront of providing e-bike rentals for different kinds of people. Whether you want to get out on the Razorback Greenway or on the Squares to take in the beauty of Northwest Arkansas, OZ Ebikes has the perfect solution. OZ Ebikes rents out different e-bikes to suit different classes of people, young and old, beginners and expert riders. The Rad Mission Ebike is one of the best beginner-friendly e-bikes available for rental. Check out this article about this bike and why you need it. The Rad Mission E-Bike Rad Power Bikes design and manufacture some of the most approachable, well-built e-bikes around. The Rad Mission offers all the familiarity of a conventional mountain bike form factor. The e-bike also features the advantages of an electric motor and batteries. It is the lightest bike from Rad Power Bikes. Simplicity in An E-Bike Previously, a bike had simple features and operational needs. Fortunately, simplicity found a way back into the Rad Mission e-bike with a simple fixed gear that changes the flexibility offered by the complex rear and front gears with a rear hub motor. A Beginner-friendly E-bike for you Getting on an e-bike for the first time can be challenging. The hard part comes in operating the bike. Fortunately, OZ Ebikes provides different options for differently experienced riders. The Rad Mission e-bike stands out for its beginner-friendly features. It is also designed to favor individuals with knee injuries, among other vulnerabilities.
  • Single Speed Drivetrain. Riding around town has never been easier with this feature. You don’t have to worry about shifting gears if you have never used an e-bike. The e-bike also features a 50-teeth chainring in the front tire and a 16-teeth freewheel in the back. This feature allows you to pedal front or backwards to propel the bike, giving you variations in your riding and loosening up your leg muscles, especially if you have knee injuries.
  • 500-watt Motor. It has a solid 500w geared hub motor that gives you 50Nm torque. The feature allows you to enjoy a smooth riding experience, even when going uphill.
  • An Instant Braking System. The Rad Mission has a solid, responsive braking system with impressive stopping power. It also has a system to cut off the motor when you apply the brakes. A beginner won’t have to compete against the motor or fidget with the LCD monitor to switch it off when making a stop.
  • Steady Grip. The Rad Mission e-bike has easy to hold rounded rubberized handle grips. They feature texture support to assist you in maintaining a steady grip, especially when pedaling fast.
Class 2 E-bike The Rad Mission is a Class 2 electric bike with a throttle and allows you absolute control over the throttle. It is not tied to the assist level. As such, the longer you twist, the more power you get, allowing you to override lower levels of assist to get started, gain speed or climb hills without pressing any buttons. Bottom Line The Rad Mission e-bike is a simple e-bike, almost as functional and appealing as the traditional mountain bikes. For this reason, it is a favorite among e-bike beginners looking to have more control without the complications of higher-powered e-bikes. It is ideal for exercising your leg muscles with the lower assist levels if you have an injury. Hire a Rad Mission e-bike from OZ Ebike Rentals and enjoy the beautiful Arkansas city on a smooth and enjoyable ride.  

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