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Top Wet Weather Mountain Bike Trails to Conquer in Arkansas

Your bags are already packed and your mountain bike is ready to go. However, the weather isn’t quite cooperating with your plans. It’s wet and rainy, and you’re worried about how it will impact your riding experience. Fear not, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve prepared a wet weather riding guide with a list of the top natural surface and paved trails that thrive in rainy conditions. Therefore, don’t let a little rain stop you from embarking on this thrilling adventure. Keep reading to learn more.

Bentonville Wet Weather Trails

Bentonville Wet Weather Trails are some of the most popular trails in the city and for a good reason. These trails are specifically designed to withstand wet and rainy conditions, providing riders with a mud-free riding experience even during the wettest season.

Their trails include:

Paved Trails

Natural Surface

Rogers Wet Weather Trails

Known for excellent drainage systems and the ability to handle wet weather conditions with ease, the Rogers Wet Weather Trails system is a must-visit for all mountain bikers, especially during the rainy season. The trail offers a mix of flowy sections, technical terrain, and fast descents that will keep you on your toes.

The trails include:

Paved trails

Natural Surface

Bella Vista Wet Weather Trails

Located in the northern part of Bentonville, the Bella Vista trail is one of the most popular wet-weather trail systems in Bentonville. This trail system offers a variety of trails suitable for all levels of riders that are open to riders all year round.

The trail system features mostly hard-packed soil, which makes it less muddy during rainy days. These trails offer unforgettable fun and a challenging wet-weather riding experience like no other.

The trails include:

Paved Trails

  • Blowing Springs Pump Track
  • Metfield Skills Park

Natural Surfaces

Springdale Wet Weather Trails

Coming last in our list of the best wet weather mountain bike riding trails is the Springdale trail system. Located in the northwest part of Arkansas, it hosts one of the most popular and one of the largest bike parks in the US.

The main trail is the Runway Bike Park which sits on a 2.75-acre lot. This trail is paved and designed for outdoor bicycle skills training. It boasts three separate facilities which include:

  • Skills Course
  • Bicycle Playground
  • Pump Track


Whether in wet, rainy conditions or in summer, nothing beats the fun and adrenaline rush that comes with mountain bike trailing. And if you are an adrenaline junkie and this is one of the things on your bucket list, I hope our list of the best wet weather mountain bike trails in Arkansas is helpful.

You can either pick one of the trails or better yet, try them all out. You will not regret it!

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