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Types of E-bikes | Oz E-bike Rentals in NWA

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Electric bikes are the future of cycling. Whether you are just now discovering the world of e-bikes or are a veteran, it’s always essential to go back to the basics. Most people now realize the convenience of assisted power on a bicycle and how it improves the riding experience. Understanding the different types of e-bikes will help you make the right choice. Oz E-bikes in Northwest Arkansas provides a detailed insight into the different types of electric bikes available.

Different Classes of E-bikes

     Type 1: Pedelec/Pedal Assist

The pedelec is the most common type of electric bike. The rider pedals as they would on a regular bike, and the motor assists, thus powering the rear wheel. Pedaling on these bikes requires less effort, even on higher gears. The ease in pedaling allows for effortless climbing over steep areas and faster speeds. The rider has the option to control the amount of assistance.

     Type 2: Throttle

Much like a scooter or a motorcycle, a throttle propels the e-bike without necessarily pedaling. The acceleration and speed are dependent on the push applied to the throttle. Throttle pedal e-bikes are less common than pedal-assisted e-bikes. Oz E-bikes provides throttle e-bikes suitable for any terrain. Get your gear, and we’ll have a throttle e-bike ready to go.

     Type 3: Speed Pedelec

The speed pedelec works similarly to the standard pedelec. The main difference is that the speed pedelec clocks up to 28 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per hour. Oz E-bikes has a detailed guide on the license required to operate the speed pedelec e-bike. Visit our online page or stores in Northwest Arkansas for more details.

Different types of Motors

Electric motors power e-bikes; the motor can be placed in two different locations. One of the hubs or at the center of the frames. The position of the motor ultimately determines the features of the bike.

     Front Hub Motor

The front hub motor e-bikes are the simplest and most limited e-bike design. The front hub is usually coupled with the throttle system. Powered assistance is more challenging based on the riders pedaling input if the motor is excluded in the drivetrain system.

The front hub motor e-bikes have stability and control since most of the weight is loaded on the rear wheel. The front hub motor e-bikes take some getting used to; however, the front hub wheel can easily navigate those tricky corners with the right balance.

     Center drive motors

E-bikes with the mid-drive motor boast a longer range and efficiency. Their typical application includes commuting, exercising, steep hills, and long-distance cycling. Since the motor depends on the rider’s input, a mid-motor drive e-bike is a pedelec. By being centrally located, the motor delivers more torque and weight distribution. The mid-drive motor offers a more fluid experience. Get one from Oz E-bikes and see what the hype is all about.

     Rear Hub Motor

A rear hub motor accommodates both pedelec and throttle systems. Some offer a flip switch that allows alternating between the two. These motor hubs usually go unnoticed due to the resemblance of the traditional bike hubs. From BaFang to BionX, Oz E-bikes has a wide range of rear hub motor e-bikes you can choose from.

Different Types of Batteries

E-bike motors are powered by rechargeable batteries. The modern batteries are made of battery cells and lithium housed in a larger case. With the evolution of the e-bikes, the battery is likely to become smaller, powerful, and lighter. With the current size in the market, placement of these batteries is crucial. Some of the configurations available in the market include:

     Rack Mount Battery

An e-bike battery can be placed on the rack at the rear of the electric bikes. The racks are usually designed to hold cargo but can double as panniers. The battery is mounted on the rack since it’s above the rear wheel and high off the ground. The versatility of the rack-mounted battery makes it easy to fit it on any frame design.

     Down Tube Battery

The most common place to mount a battery is the down-tube. The down-tube is part of the frame that goes from the front of the bike to the hub area. Placing the battery on the down-tube lowers the weight and thus improves stability and control. Production of the battery on the down-tube is the most preferred location.

An Electric Bike for any Trail

Nowadays, e-bikes match almost every traditional bike. From city bikes to cargo bikes, there is an e-bike for every occasion. At Oz E-bikes, we help you keep up with the fast-evolving world of electric bikes. Visit our trailer and hit one of the famous biking trails in Northwest Arkansas today!

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