You are currently viewing Want to Try Out Rad Power Bikes? Rent an EBike From OZ EBikes in NWA

Want to Try Out Rad Power Bikes? Rent an EBike From OZ EBikes in NWA

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Are you a cyclist? Do you want to explore Northwest Arkansas? Why not do it on our Rad Power Bikes? Our Rad Power Bikes rental fleet offers you an opportunity to experience Arkansas’s beauty. You get the chance to explore the country’s nature, the Ozark Mountains, parks, bike trails, and the Razorback Greenway. Most people may think EBikes are too technical and challenging to use. Fortunately, for both of us, that’s not the case. Rad Power Bikes are meant to facilitate movement by helping you go fast effortlessly. They make it easier for you to cycle by providing you with additional power that boosts you along the way.

Our Rad Power Bike Rentals

We offer class 2 rental ebikes that you could use during your trip in Northwest Arkansas. The class 2 rental e-bikes have pedal assist and twist throttles. This helps to make riding more fun, providing you with a more memorable experience. We offer locks, helmets, and trail maps, plus EBike guided tours with complimentary water bottles. We also facilitate group building activities, an EBike assembly, repair, and maintenance, plus trail recommendations. Get to choose your dates, the type of ebike you want to rent, i.e., fat tire EBikes, city EBikes, cargo EBikes,-mountain ebikes, etc., and enjoy an incredible adventure on the Razorback Greenway. You can climb more hills than you’ve ever climbed before, visit more trails, and get to enjoy the most fantastic feeling- riding a Rad Power Bikes. You could try our Radmission, Radrunner, RadRover, RadCity or the RadWagon produced by Rad Power Bikes and enjoy the front suspension and full suspension EBikes for the mountain bike trails.

Additional benefits

Great for all people

Our Rad Power Bikes are great for all people regardless of their physical condition. They can be used by both young and older adults who want to cruise through nature and take in the fantastic scents all around. Don’t be left behind; book a rental today.

Easy and fast rides

Our Rad Power Bikes offer easy and fast rides. The technology gives you the extra oomph needed to cover more miles effortlessly. You could take advantage of hiking trails with no traffic to cover more miles, explore more, and create more memories.

They are nature friendly.

If you love spending time in nature, the chances are that you would like to preserve the environment. What better way could you save the environment than by using our Rad EBike? Our EBike uses rechargeable batteries that contribute zero-emission to the environment boosting air quality. Apart from the Greenway, you could also enjoy the peaceful nature around Downtown Rogers, Bentonville, Arkansas, and Downtown Springdale.

Improve your health

EBikes allow you to improve your health while simultaneously enjoying nature. If you feel tired after peddling some distance, you could engage the throttle or pedal assist, depending on the EBike you’re on, and enjoy nature!  

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