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YT Decoy E-Mountain Bike | OZ EBikes Bentonville, Arkansas

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Are you thinking about riding the many highly-rated mountain trails of Northwest Arkansas? YT Decoy E-Mountain Bikes can handle any trail. Don’t overlook this E-Bike when you are looking for a rugged mountain bike. Designed exclusively for the most challenging terrain, you will not be disappointed with the YT Decoy.

YT Decoy Elite

You will be riding trails with the trickiest curves once you experience the agile turning ability of this E-Bike. The rear-sliding Mullet character is awesome.  Here are several features of the Decoy Elite:

  • Crankbrothers carbon wheels
  • Smaller size battery
  • Shimano trail-proven motor
  • Upgraded premium suspension

The overall value of the YT Elite is hard to top.

YT Decoy MX E-Mountain Bike

The motor and name have been recently updated, but the size is unchanged for this model. YT has released a Core 2 entry-level version, Core 3, and top-of-the-line Core 4. The shorter-travel option is equipped with 29-inch wheels. This is the option you want for riding the trails.  The longer version is a capable enduro bike.

The drive system for the MX Core 4 is a Shimano EP8 unit. There is a custom 540-watt-hour battery designed to maximize the efficiency of this drive unit. Two bolts hold the battery in place inside the down tube. You can charge the battery on or off the bike.

The Decoy comes with two power assist options. The first setting provides maximum torque for tough single-tracks. The second is set to give the most power to the different modes. You can toggle back and forth between settings at any time. The motor can be tuned using an APP from your smartphone.

Western Arkansas Trails

The mountain bike trails in this area are known to be some of the best in the country. Expert trails for experienced riders and beginner trails are available. Bentonville is considered by some to be the mountain bike capital of the world.  Here are several popular world-class trails located in Northwest Arkansas:

  1. Lake Leatherwood- Bikers can test all their riding skills on this trail system. A tough accent with diverse terrain needs to be navigated to reach the top. The downhill section has dramatic scenery including unusual rock formations. This trail comes with a beginner to advanced rating.
  2. Railyard Bike Park- If you have young family members, this is a good starting place. Interesting obstacles and jumps are plentiful at this park located in the heart of Rogers. Expert riders can work on their skills, while newcomers learn the basics. You can access 40 miles of paved city bike paths from the Park.
  3. Mount Kessler- Located in Fayetteville, this trail system is rated for moderate to advanced riders. A challenging single-track winds through large boulders and established forests. Points of interest include wonderful views from the peak of spellbound and the mini-slot canyon.
  4. The Back 40- Don’t miss this one. There are streams to cross, a waterfall, a hanging bridge crossing, and jumps. Professionally built to the specifications of mountain bikers, you will find unparalleled scenery on this trail system.

These are just a few of the awesome trail systems you will find in the Northwest Arkansas area. If you are considering a vacation here to ride these trails, please contact OZ EBikes to rent a YT E-Bike from our wide selection to get the most enjoyment of your time here. We are located in Bentonville Arkansas, the heart of mountain bike country. Be sure to rent your E-Bike early to ensure you will have it waiting for you when you get here!


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