OZ E-Bikes is an E-Bike Rental company that allows individuals to see the beauty of NWA via the Razorback Greenway & the OZ Trails Systems. We have cruiser e-bikes, city/commuter e-bikes, electric mountain bikes, and cargo electric bikes available to rent for the entire family.

OZ E-Bikes is located in Bentonville, AR, “The Mountain Bike Capital of the World” and we absolutely love it! Along with the surrounding cities in Northwest Arkansas, Bentonville, AR has grown into a new destination for mountain bikers and bicycle tourists alike. With state of the art trail systems being built every day, all filled with murals and other sculptural art, it’s no wonder people are coming from all over to ride our trails and explore our bike-friendly cities!

With that being said, we have e-bikes available for mountain bikers that want to explore the state-of-the-art trail systems or individuals who want to stick to the miles and miles of hard surface trails conveniently located near our shop. You can simply park your car in our parking lot, and ride straight to the trailheads! (Either North or Southbound on the Razorback Greenway, Slaughter Pen, Coler MTB Preserve & more).

PLEASE NOTE*: Although we are a “TEST CENTER” for RAD POWER BIKES and other brands, a rental is required for each bike, along with a signed waiver, in order to test ride our rental fleet. In addition, we are only an assembly and service center, and we are not affiliated with RAD POWER BIKES in any way.


OZ E-Bikes offers “Class 1” and “Class 2” e-bikes for rental. “Class 1” E-Bikes are Pedal Assist only, and are usually mid-drive, meaning the motor is situated between the pedals. Our “Class 2” E-Bikes have Pedal Assist Power along with twist throttles. However, all of our e-bikes make riding as fun as it’s ever been. With these certifications, all of our e-bikes are allowed to go anywhere a regular bike can go!

Regardless of physical condition young and old can enjoy the benefits of the “pedal assist” and spend time with family and friends like you’ve never experienced before here in Bentonville.

E-Biking is fun, adventurous, relaxing, therapeutic, family-friendly and so much more…

Our goal is simply to get more people riding on two wheels in NWA! The OZ Trails and Razorback Greenway are calling you! 


  • E-Bike Rentals (Helmet, Lock, & Trail Maps Included)
    (Complimentary OZ E-Bikes Branded Water Bottle Included)
    • Perfect for group building activities, family time, and for touring!
  • E-Bike Assembly – Bluejay, Diamondback, Lectric, Haibike, Aventon, Flyer, IZIP, Rad Power Bikes, Ride1Up, State Bicycle Co., YT Industries & MORE! We are your local help center for all Direct to Consumer Electric Bikes.
  • Electric Bike Service & Repair
  • Electric Bike Tours 
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