OZ E-Bikes is an E-Bike Rental company that allows individuals to see the beauty of NWA via the Razorback Greenway and other bike trails and Parks in the OZ Trails System. 

However, although we’re located in the “Mountain Bike Capital of the World” (and absolutely love it), we don’t have any “mountain bikes” or electric mountain bikes available to rent — there are already plenty of awesome mountain bike shops around here to choose from.  Our goal is to simply get more people out on an e-bike to cruise the town! 

With that being said, we might cater more to families that want an adventure around the city or want to stick to the miles and miles of hard surface trails located directly from our shop. We might be more suited to those who aren’t avid bike riders (although if you are, it’s a great way to wind down at the end of your trip!), or simply those who want to see the sights without breaking a sweat!


OZ E-Bikes offers “Class 2” e-bikes for rental. “Class 2” E-Bikes have Pedal Assist Power along with twist throttles, both make riding as fun as it’s ever been. With the Class 2 Certification, all of our e-bikes are allowed to go anywhere a regular bike can go!

Regardless of physical condition young and old can enjoy the benefits of the “pedal assist” and spend time with family and friends like you’e never experienced before here in Bentonville.

E-Biking is fun, adventurous, relaxing, therapeutic, family-friendly and so much more…

Our goal is simply to get more people riding on two wheels in NWA! The OZ Trails and Razorback Greenway are calling you! 


  • E-Bike Rentals (Helmet, Lock, & Trail Maps Included)
    (Complimentary OZ E-Bikes Branded Water Bottle Included)
    • Perfect for group building activities, family time, and for touring!
  • E-Bike Assembly – Rad Power Bikes
  • Trail Recommendations
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