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Interested in an E-Bike Tour in Northwest Arkansas? We’ll be happy to show you around the hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails or give you a tour of the city and Razorback Greenway paved bike path. Whether you are newer to biking, or a seasoned rider, we can create a tour to match your ability, pace and comfort level. Typically, we start our tours right from the shop and either head out directly to the mountain bike trails on our mountain bikes, or to the Greenway heading North or South to access the paved trail for the city tours.

Our tour guides are Local Enduro riders in NWA and are happy to share every bit of knowledge with you on your E-Bike Adventure. Our tours consist of 1-2 seasoned local guides, bike support if needed, and insight into the area and its highlights. We’ll show you the best routes out there!

From our shop, we will head out North and ride the Slaughter Pen trails and Coler MTB Preserve Trails if we are on a mountain bike tour. We can also head further North into Bella Vista, AR to Blowing Springs and the Wonderland Trail Systems for our MTB Tours. If you’d like to ride somewhere a little further out from the shop like Hobbs State Park, Devil’s Den, Centennial Park, Mt. Kessler, Lake Leatherwood, and so many more – Let us know and we will be happy to meet you with your bikes at the trailhead.

If we are on our city e-bikes, we will start from downtown at the shop, and we typically start our tour with a ride up the brand new “world’s-only” and “bike-able” Ledger building up to the top to see a great view of the downtown Bentonville city. From there, we typically access the Greenway at Slaughter Pen and ride up to Bella Vista – sometimes all the way up to the Metfield Park or over and through the Coler MTB Preserve Greenway trail and back to the shop. Feeling a little more adventurous? Book an extra hour and we can take the bikes around the Frisco Loop from Downtown Bentonville to Downtown Rogers and back to the shop. 

What to bring: Although we have helmets available, and water bottles, it’s always best to bring your own gear if you feel most comfortable in it – especially if mountain biking. We recommend all mountain biking tour riders to at least come prepared with knee pads and gloves (and any other protective gear you usually use) for their ride. If you have your own full-face helmet, or helmet in general and can bring it with you, we recommend doing so (especially if you usually ride with a full face helmet). Hydration packs, tools, and flat repair items are a great idea to bring along with you as well.

Also – Remember to dress for the weather! If it’s cool – be sure to pack an extra layer or two and make sure to bring gloves, handwarmers, and anything else you feel may help keep you feeling comfortable on our ride. Sunscreen if needed!

For tours with 2-4 riders the total cost for a tour is: $100.00 (2 hours) + the cost of the E-Bike rental.

Group’s 4-8 riders: $180.00 (2 hours) + rental fee.

Additional hour: $65.00

Please note: If you have your own bike – whether it be a regular bike or e-bike – we would also be happy to provide tour options as our tour guides have and are capable of touring on regular analog bikes as well whether it be mountain biking, gravel riding, greenway riding or city cruising. Bring your own bike and we would be happy to show you our own backyard any time with one of our tour guides!

Book your OZ E-Bike Tour today! We’ll show you everything you can get to on an E-Bike, along with all of the sights on the greenway or OZ Trails mountain bike system!

Current Active Tour Guides at OZ E-Bikes: 
Sean Morrison – 
@ozcyclist on Youtube
@ozcyclist on Instagram

Fill out the form below and let us know what dates you are looking to explore Northwest Arkansas. We look forward to showing you around!

    Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are a type of bicycle that provides assistance to the rider while pedaling. This assistance is delivered through an electric motor, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. The motor in an e-bike responds to the rider’s pedaling effort, providing additional power to help them maintain or increase their speed, particularly when facing inclines or headwinds. The battery used in electric bikes can last for up to 40 miles (80km) on a single charge, and the level of assistance provided by the motor can be adjusted by the rider based on their preference and the terrain they are traversing.

    Unlike mopeds or motorcycles, electric bikes are designed primarily for human propulsion and are classified as bicycles in most jurisdictions. This means they are subject to fewer regulatory restrictions and can be used on bike lanes and bike paths. Electric bikes offer a number of benefits for a variety of riders, including couples, multi-generational families, individuals with infirmities or injuries, and even experienced cyclists looking for an extra boost on challenging terrain.