OPTIONAL Damage Protection Insurance

Optional damage protection is a cost-effective way to have peace of mind when renting a bike. The cost is $30 for our City E-Bikes and $50 for our Premium Electric Mountain Bikes. This protection coverage must be purchased before riding. This coverage applies for the entire rental period, and covers any damage to our electric bicycles up to a retail value of $499. For damages in excess of this, we will only be liable for 60% of the cost to repair. (This also includes total losses like a bike that went swimming in a lake) We highly recommend this additional protection, as most common bike damages are fully covered, such as: bent wheels, broken chains, slashed tires, etc. Remember: You are ultimately responsible for the bike you rent from OZ E-Bikes, whether or not you have purchased this Damage Protection Insurance. Damage Protection Insurance does not apply if your bike is stolen while in your possession, or if you decide not to return the bike. This Damage Protection Insurance does not include direct negligence in the handling of the bicycle as determined by OZ E-BIKES.