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E-Bike Rentals Near Me | OZ E-Bikes

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E-Bike Rentals in Bentonville, AR

Are you looking to explore the greater Bentonville, AR, with an E-Bike? OZ E-Bikes is an E-Bike rental company located in Bentonville, Arkansas, serving many riders from in and out of state.

Whether you’re a local or an out-of-state visitor, you can rent one of the multiple E-Bike rental options provided by OZ E-Bikes. Contact OZ E-Bikes today to rent an E-Bike for YOUR outdoor adventure.

OZ E-Bikes Rental Options

OZ E-Bikes Rental offers multiple E-Bikes to rent in Bentonville, AR.

With all the unique E-Bike options available at OZ, you can select the most suitable E-Bike to explore the great MTB trails and paved Greenway trail bike trail. Northwest Arkansas has MTB trails spread all over Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Rogers, Arkansas.

At the top of the categorization of E-Bike rental options include:

  1. City E-Bikes

Some of the available City E-Bike options at OZ E-Bikes include:

  • RadCity Step-Thru 3
  • RadCity 5 Plus
  • RadRover 6 Plus
  • RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike – High-Step
  • RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike – Mid-Step
  • Rad Expand
  • State E-Bikes
  • RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike
  • Flyer M880.

Each of these city E-Bikes offers a unique feature and advantage to suit varying needs. Browse through the selection to read the detailed specifications.

  1. Electric Mountain Bikes (EMTB)

Under this category is the E Stance Full Suspension EMTB, designed with trail-friendly geometry. It is the perfect E-Bike choice for beginners and intermediate riders looking to explore the Bentonville trails and outdoors.

  1. Carbon Full Suspension EMTBs

Under this third category of E-Bikes available from OZ E-Bikes is the YT Decoy Carbon Full Suspension EMTB, notorious for its power and speed. Ultimately, it is a popular choice for conquering downhill and uphill trail tasks owing to its top-performance motor.

Extra Options and Services

Each rental option comes with extra features at an affordable charge. These include:

  1. Tube/Tire repair kit
  2. Premium damage protection insurance
  3. Tailgate pad
  4. Phone holder
  5. Outbound lighting package (Evo & Hangover).

Rest assured, OZ E-Bikes strives to give you a safe yet fun opportunity to enjoy the great MTB and Greenway trails.

Notably, OZ E-Bikes has partnered with Rad Power Bikes to give riders of all expertise levels an awesome and thrilling bike experience. Rad Power Bikes emphasizes power and performance for its products, allowing you to conquer any challenging biking trail.

Trails in Bentonville, AR

Did you know that Bentonville is considered the MTB capital of the world? The Northwest Arkansas landscape naturally lends itself to mountain biking and biking trails.

The trails feature steep hills that make up the Ozark mountain landscape. You should note that previously, there were minimal trails for mountain bikers here.

However, this rapidly changed when Tom and Steuart Walton began developing MTB trails in Bentonville, starting with Slaughter Pen, a 40-mile series of trails popular among mountain bikers nowadays.

Other trails that developed gradually include:

  • NWA Razorback Greenway, a 37-mile multi-use trail connecting South Fayetteville to Bella Vista and northern Bentonville.
  • The Back 40
  • Blowing Springs trail, offering 6 miles of trail
  • Little Sugar Trail system offering 40 miles of trail
  • North Bentonville Trail
  • Applegate Trail
  • North Forest Trail
  • Compton Gardens Trail.

Ultimately, the MTB area is home to mountain bikers and several bike rental shops, with OZ E-Bike at the forefront of high–performance bike options. Besides renting out bikes, we organize E-Bike tours in Northwest Arkansas for those who would like a guided outdoor experience.

Ready to explore the great MTB and paved Greenway trails? Contact OZ E-Bikes to start your outdoor exploration.

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