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OZ EBikes | EBike Rental Bentonville, Arkansas

Are you looking for ebikes to rent in Northwest Arkansas? At OZ E-bikes, we provide high-quality, reliable, and efficient e-bikes for rental in Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding areas. From cargo e-bikes to e-mountain bikes and city e-bikes, we provide you and your entire family with an assortment of e-bikes to conquer various biking trails in Northwest Arkansas. Rent an e-bike with us today!

Our Services

  • E-bike rentals
  • E-bike assembly, including Rad Power Bikes, among others
  • Electric Bike Tours
  • Trail Recommendation.

City E-Bike Rental in Northwest Arkansas

City e-bikes are the perfect way to avoid traffic jams in congested cities. Saddle up and arrive at your destination safely with pedal-assist electric bikes, which are the ideal, sustainable, and stress-free way to move around.

At OZ E-bikes, we offer you Rad Power Bikes, one of the leading E-bike brands considered a top choice for city e-bikes. Our Rad Power city e-bikes have everything you will require for riding in a city, including racks, lights, and fenders.

Rad Power Bike Features

We offer all Rad Power e-bikes for rental in Northwest Arkansas. Our Rad Power city e-bikes are custom-designed for commuter and city riding. The e-bikes feature:

  • Throttle
  • Pedal assist
  • Up to 50 miles per charge
  • Motor-assisted 20 mph speed.

They come in different frame options, including step-through, mid-step, and high-step. Common city and commuter Rad Power e-bikes we rent out in Northwest Arkansas include:

  • RadCity 5 Plus
  • RadExpand 5. An innovative fold bike with thick tires to help you tackle all biking trail adventures in Northwest Arkansas
  • RadCity 3
  • Radcity 4
  • RadRunner Plus
  • RadRunner 2
  • RadMission

Why Choose Us for Your Northwest Arkansas Bike Rental?

  1. An Assortment of Bike Types

Our rental e-bikes come in varying options, allowing you to choose one that meets your preference and biking needs. We can recommend the perfect bike for rental, depending on your needs. Our bike fleet majorly comprises Rad Power e-bikes for passionate bikers with a unique taste in high-quality and functional e-bikes. Whether electric mountain bikes, city e-bikes, cargo e-bikes, or fat tire e-bikes, we can rent you whichever bike you need.

  1. Tour Guide

Besides renting our bikes to you, we can also recommend the best biking trails and provide you with a local tour guide. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the Northwest Arkansas region and can help you enjoy your ride with our top-of-the-line rental bikes.

  1. E-bike Experts

Are you looking for an e-bike purchase recommendation? At Oz E-bikes, our experts understand all major and minor e-bike brands. Besides providing e-bike assembly services for brands such as Rad Power Bikes, IZIP, Haibike, Diamondback, and Bluejay, we can also advise you on any matter regarding e-bikes.

Choose OZ E-Bikes for Bike Rentals

Northwest Arkansas is home to several hiking and biking trails. You require a well-maintained and powerful e-bike to explore such surroundings alone or in a group activity. OZ E-bikes is a leading e-bike rental company that serves clients in Northwest Arkansas.

We offer an unlimited choice of e-bikes regardless of your physical status, needs, or preferences. Are you looking to try out the powerful Rad Power e-bike? Contact us to book an e-bike rental of your choice to explore the great Northwest Arkansas surroundings.

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