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10 Things You Need to Know Before Renting an EBike | OZ E-Bikes

Looking for an economical way to get from point A to point B? One fun solution is to rent an e-bike. These eco-friendly vehicles provide a battery-powered “pedal assist” function if you get tired of pedaling. That additional power boost can help you get up hills more easily. Here are 10 important points to think about before renting an e-bike.

  1. EBikes are easy to ride – Anyone who has learned how to ride a bicycle can ride an EBike. The difference is it weighs more and you get to choose when to add electric power with your throttle.
  2. Battery packs for Electric Bikes have limited range – Just as an electric vehicle can only go so many miles before recharging, the same is true of an electric bike except the distance is shorter, up to 60 miles.
  3. Watch the LCD panel to gauge the battery charge – When riding an EBike it’s wise to monitor your battery power level. You should know before riding the limit to how far your battery will take you on a journey before recharging.
  4. It’s a very flexible form of transportation – An E-Bike allows you to ride in places where cars are prohibited such as parks and bike trails in scenic places. Each state has its own regulations.
  5. Some E-Bikes achieve speed of 28 mph – Usually, this speed is where an Electric Bike tops out in the United States, whereas in Europe it’s 20 mph. Pedaling helps add speed.
  6. Wear appropriate clothing when you ride – Many bike shops recommend and provide a helmet for protection. They also advise renters to ride with only closed-toe shoes and not sandals.
  7. Check with your state’s DMV about licensing – Each state has its own rules about licensing for motor vehicles. In California, you do not need a license to ride an E-Bike. Over half the states divide E-Bikes into three classes. Class 1 and 2 E-Bikes go 20 mph, while Class 3 models go 28 mph.
  8. Most states don’t require insurance for E-Bikes – Many E-Bike owners still choose insurance coverage to protect the value of their investment in case it’s stolen or gets involved in an accident. If you cause an accident without insurance, it can lead to high legal costs. Find out from a rental facility if they offer insurance.
  9. Renting an EBike can be more cost-effective than buying one – E-Bikes cover a wide cost range from $600 to over $10,000 while some of the most popular models are around $2,000. The cost of renting one is about $10 to $20 per hour, which might be more budget-friendly for occasional use.
  10. Use E-Bikes for business or pleasure – An E-Bike can be the solution to inexpensive commutes or for recreational rides. Using the pedals makes it great exercise as well.


As Electric Bikes keep getting more popular, individuals trying to save money on transportation may consider them as viable options to cars since gas prices can be unpredictably high. If you plan on riding an E-Bike every day, you may want to purchase one. But if it’s for occasional use, renting is the more efficient option. It’s a fun way to get around and remind others to go more green.

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