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Are E-Bikes Good for Your Health? | OZ E-Bike Rentals

The leaps in technology have resulted in a tremendous positive impact on sporting activities. Through it, there have been improvements in the design of various sports equipment, notable being E-bikes. They are energy-sufficient machines that have gained popularity over the years due to their efficiency and undeniable benefits to the human body.

How E-Bikes are great for your health

Our sedentary lives as human beings have led to the development of preventable ailments. This article gives an insight into why E-bikes are great for your health. Additionally, it provides tips on how you can have fun while being healthy.

  1. Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

Did you know that cycling helps keep your heart healthy? According to research conducted by the University of Glasgow, cycling for 30 miles a week lowers the risk of contracting heart disease.

UPMC Pinnacle notes that cycling regularly reduces heart attack rates by 15 percent. Therefore, when you regularly cycle, you will effectively boost your heart rate. E-bikes prevent cardiovascular diseases, which are among the leading causes of death in the USA.

  1. Assist in Weight Loss

Have you gained some weight during the lockdown that is making you feel uncomfortable? Do you have a weight goal that you intend to achieve? Then you should make an E-bike your best buddy!

Cycling is quite effective; Harvard Medical School reports that a 155-pound person pedaling at a pace of 12-13.9 miles per hour can burn up to 298 calories in 30 minutes.

The following tips help burn calories on E-bikes;

  • Intensity: The faster you cycle, the more calories you burn and the extra pounds you lose. So ensure that you pedal quickly!
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT): Ensure you alternate high-intensity exercise with low-intensity exercise. When done appropriately, this will lead to burning more calories.
  • Push harder when cycling: This is a form of endurance training that, according to research, helps burn many calories.
  1. Reduce stress

Living in a fast-paced world where work, family, and social media exerts pressure in our lives, stress is inevitable. To contain the stress, it’s advisable to cycle regularly using E-bikes to improve your psychological well-being.

When exercising, you release cortisol, a hormone that helps reduce stress levels in the body. Therefore, get an e-bike cycling routine to lower the pressures of life.

  1. Improves sleep

In a study, the National Sleep Foundation found that 75 percent of people involved in exercises experience a good sleep. Persons who don’t exercise regularly have frequent bouts of insomnia. It follows that persons who don’t exercise have lower productivity levels and are sleepy during the day.

Cycling on E-bikes is good for your health as it eliminates endorphins making you have a quality sleep. Regular sleeping positively impacts your sleep and enhances your productivity.

5. Effective for People with Knee Injuries

A lot of people with knee injuries fear working out. Thankfully, with e-bikes, you can still do your workouts.

Doctors have recommended e-bikes to be safe for people with knee problems and arthritis. They are fitted with pedal-assists which control your cycling ability.

Factors to prevent further injuries include;

Once injured, you need to take your body on check through the following tips;

  • Cycle at your own pace: Always listen to your body when cycling.
  • Use low-impact exercises in preparations: This strengthens your muscles and prevents any pain before cycling.
  • Use stationary bicycle first: Stationary cycling mimics the movement of cycling without putting strain on the knees.

Benefits of riding E-bikes

Fast, Easy, and Flexible

E-bikes allow you to ride for many miles without using much effort. They have an adjustable drive system making it appropriate for people with knee injuries.


You are missing out if you’ve never used E-bikes. You get to cycle with minimal effort. If you want to race with car drivers on clear roads, you can adjust the speeds.

It can be used by anyone

There are different E-bikes models for different age groups, leisure, urban, cross country, and various activities. It only depends on your choice and the intended purpose.

Pocket Friendly

If you want a genuine saving plan, you should opt for E-bikes. They are low maintenance; as such, you won’t incur fuel costs, parking charges, and insurance costs.

Renting an E-Bike

At OZ E-Bikes, we pride ourselves on being an E-Bike supplier that you can rely on. Contact us for a quote and more information on E-Bike rentals today!

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