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Bike Trails Near Me | EBike Rentals at OZ EBikes

Often referred to as the ‘mountain bike capital of the world,’ Northwest Arkansas is an ideal location to explore the great outdoors while on two wheels. Due to its good weather, numerous active cyclists, and wide range of biking trails, every level of rider can find the best e-bike riding spot.

These bike trails run all through the Arkansas area, including Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Bella Vista.

At OZ E-bikes, we provide class 2 e-bikes, conveniently offering assisted power on a bicycle to give you a remarkable riding experience. So, let us look at some local bike trails near me in the North West Arkansas area.

Lake Atalanta

Due to its fast singletrack and natural beauty, Lake Atalanta is quickly becoming one of the most popular and latest ebike trails addition in the Northwest Arkansas mountain biking scene. Whether you are a novice or advanced mountain biker, this trail is 14 miles from Rogers and has a mileage of about 6 miles.

As you ride along the 6.3-mile trail at Blowing Springs Park in Bella Vista, you will catch a glimpse of several breathtaking features, including natural springs, scenic bridges, caverns, and beautiful bluffs.

Back 40 and Blowing Springs Loop Trail

These two trails are world-class intermediate-level tracks that have become a favorite among many bikers. The Back 40 offers approximately 22.2 miles of professionally built singletrack through a wooded wilderness. On the other hand, Blowing Springs Loop Trail is a four-mile trail with beautiful scenery.

It is also beneficial to note that this bike trail easily connects to Slaughter Pen, perfect for those looking for more mileage. Using your OZ E-Bike, you can ride this trail as you set your eyes on waterfalls, springs, cliff ridings, and caves.

Slaughter Pen Bike Trail

At a length of 23.7 miles, many certified guided bike tour providers view Slaughter Pen as one of the most reputable and easy bike trails in NWA. Based in Bentonville, this trail consists of an urban 50% singletrack that spreads over three phases.

It enables intermediate-level mountain bikers to experience a thrilling ride through heart-pounding drops, tabletops, massive berms, log rides, and downhill runs. It is also worthy to note that Bentonville received an award of the Silver-level Ride Center from the IMBA, one of only 11 in the world.

Railyard Biking Trail

If you are looking to try new biking tricks or flaunt your technical skills, Railyard Biking Trail is an ideal choice. Found right downtown in Rogers, this trail is perfect for all ages and levels of bike riders as it consists of wood ramps, world-class dirt jumps, professionally-built crisscrossing trails, and even railroad cars.

Hiring or purchasing an OZ E-bike can help you hone up your skills on this trail as it is connected to the paved bike paths that run across Rodgers town and the Lake Atalanta bike trail.

Mount Kessler Trail

With a difficulty of moderate to advanced, Mount Kessler Trail is a uniquely rocky trail that is about 13.6 miles. It cuts across some house-sized boulders and a signature challenging rock garden, ideal for providing an out-of-this-world experience.

As a result, this biking trail is best for bikers who enjoy a good challenge. OZ offers a wide range of e-bikes that can help you complete the Mount Kessler trail easily.


With more than 250 bike trails, the Northwest Arkansas Area is home to the country’s best and most varied singletrack trails. So, whether you prefer off-road bike trails or mountain biking trails, the Northwest Arkansas Area provides extensive biking paths perfect for all bikers.

However, if you want to experience the ultimate thrill of biking in the NWA area, hire or purchase a suitable e-bike from OZ E-bikes at your convenience.


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