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OZ E-Bike Rental Shop is an E-Bike Rental company in Bentonville. After renting, you can ride through the Greenway trail by Crystal Bridges Museum. You can also explore the beauty of NWA through the Monument Trail System, Razorback Greenway, and the OZ Trails Systems.

E-bike Categories

OZ E-Bikes offers three main types of e-bikes:

  • City e-bikes
  •  e – mountain bikes
  •  Cargo electric bikes

Our bikes are always available for adventure-seeking families and groups. People come from all parts of the world to enjoy riding in Bentonville, which is largely considered the World’s Mountain Bike Capital.

Riding an electric bike

Between 2022 and 2027, the US e-bike market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 12.27 percent. This shows that more people are discovering the fun in e-bikes, and this number will only increase in the future. An electric bike has more components than traditional bicycles.

Understanding e-bike components will help you track the speed, monitor the battery level, and other vital functions. Besides, you need to dress appropriately during your ride. OZ E-Bike Rental Shop emphasizes that all riders wear protective gear like helmets and closed-toe shoes for safety during the rides.

How do you differentiate e-bikes from traditional bikes?

Understanding the different types of e-bikes will help you select the right e-bike for your needs. The most common e-bike features include:

Battery range and charging. The battery is approximated to last for 25 up to 50 miles to cover an average journey. Depending on the different types of batteries, it takes three to six hours to charge fully, and this charge is usually enough for your trip.

Weight. The average weight of an electric bike is between 20 kg to 35 kg. This is more than a conventional bike weighs.

Why e-bikes rentals for families?

1.         It helps you keep fit as riders climb higher surfaces, increasing your metabolism.

2.         It is relatively affordable since OZ E-Bikes offers reasonable charges for individuals and groups.

3.         Great for family sharing as they are mainly designed for versatility. Riders do not necessarily require any training.

4.         E-bikes are eco-friendly as they are less fuel-powered than cars. Hence, they provide sustainable means of transport.


E-bike rides are fascinating and enjoyable, especially when you observe all the safety measures. Like in the Greenway trail, riders must follow the speed limits and other regulations. Safety measures help reduce the possibility of accidents and protect riders from severe injuries in case of accidents.

Wrapping up

E-bikes are highly recommended for families seeking to have outdoor fun. These products are eco-friendly and help you keep fit. In addition, e-bikes are designed with different features such as battery range and charging the batteries, as well as various motor positioning options.

If you are a resident of Northwest Arkansas and you desire to ride in Bentonville, then look no more. OZ E-Bikes is your best e-bike rental shop.

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