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Rad Power Bikes at OZ EBikes in Bentonville, Arkansas | EBike Rentals

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OZ Ebikes in Bentonville, Arkansas

OZ E-Bike specializes in Pedal Assist Power eBikes. OZ E-Bike Rentals provides eBike rentals and a large selection of Rad power bikes for customers to try out and rent out. Additionally, OZ Ebikes will assemble your Rad power eBike for you.

From our location, you can easily reach the trails in and surrounding Bentonville, including the Razorback Greenway, Slaughter Pen, and Coler, among other places and bike trails. Our employees are courteous, informed, and accommodating. Here are some of the bikes you can find at OZ E-Bike Rentals

Rad City Step-Thru

An ultimate comfort, the RadCity Step-Thru is your number one preferred bike of choice in case you need to ride in style and luxury. The RadCity Step-Thru is characterized by a low frame design and handlebars that are swept back. However, it is still equipped with a 750-w motor and a 48-volt power supply, making it a more manageable package.

Up to 45 miles on battery with a 7-speed, 11-34 tooth freewheel; twist-grip throttle; 180 mm disc brakes; integrated brake light; fluorescent sidewall tire striping; 48-volt lithium battery; integrated rear rack; and up to 275 pounds of payload capacity

The 750 watts motor delivers seamless acceleration and incorporates regenerative braking to assist in the recharge of the battery whenever the brake levers are engaged.

Rad Mini Step-Thru

The RadMini Step-Thru combines power with simplicity, convenience, and mobility, among other characteristics. Rad Power Bikes has taken that concept to a whole new level by incorporating a streamlined throttle mechanism and updated handlebars for a more comfy, ergonomic ride.

The RadMini Step-Thru has the lowest standover height of all models in the RadMini family. When you combine that with the adjustable handlebar stem and a sturdy folding mechanism, you have a very accessible fat tire bike that is also stylish.

The RadMini Step-Thru is equipped with a 750 watts direct drive hub motor, a 48 Volts power system and can travel up to 45 miles on a full charge.

On a ride, its LCD gives you all of the information you require in one convenient location. With the display angle being adjustable, it can accommodate riders of all sizes. It is securely attached directly to the handlebars.


Powered by 500 watts of electricity, the RadMission 1 is a smooth-riding, commuter-oriented bike suitable for folks who want to commute daily or ride around town while still exercising.

RadMission is incredibly economical with its battery usage, and that it offers the rider enough power to travel up steep slopes despite having one gear. Its lightweight and quick-rolling characteristics will stand out when compared to other bikes on the market. Because of the seamless engagement of the pedal-assist on this bike, it feels pretty natural beneath you.

It is available on two different frame designs, a High-Step and a Mid-Step. Because of the frame size options, the RadMission can accommodate a broad spectrum of riders comfortably. The Mid-Step is suitable for people who are 5’2″ to 6’2″, while the High-Step is suitable for people who are 5’10” to 6’4″.

RadWagon 4

The RadWagon is a cargo bike designed for urban environments. With a max motor output of 750W, a battery capacity of 672 Wh, and a range of accessible attachments, the RadWagon is an exceptionally powerful and versatile e-bike.

Custom 22″ – 3.0″ tires provide comfort and stability while keeping the cargo holds easy to load. It has reflective tires and integrated lighting to help you stay visible.

Powerful 80nm geared hub motor for starting, carrying gear or people, and climbs. The wide plastic fenders keep you dry, and the aluminum chain guard shields the chainring and your dress ends or pant legs. The bike also features an adjustable seat post, tool-free stem, and swept-back handlebars for a perfect fit.

Not only do the wide tires and ergonomic handles provide more comfort, but they also reduce frame flex and weight.


In addition to a strong aluminum step-through structure, it weighs 65 lbs in total. In addition to the battery being installed on the seat tube, the 750-watt motor is located in the back hub. Its large wheels, which are shod with bespoke Kenda tires with thin, widely-spaced treads, undoubtedly contribute to the bike’s overall weight.

The seat is equipped with a quick-release clasp, allowing you to quickly swap riders or drop your seat so that your butt does not press against your passenger’s chest. In addition, it includes a single-speed transmission. The bike also has four levels of intelligent pedal support available.

The LED console is straightforward, with only a few buttons to display battery life, increase assistance level, and turn on Walk Assist when necessary. The RadWagon boasts a battery range of 25 to 45 miles.

We rent electric-assisted bikes of the greatest quality. We’ve got everything you’ll need for a fun day of biking with your friends and family. Your life will be transformed by electric bikes. Riding an e-bike allows you to cover more miles, climb higher, and have more fun. Now is the time to rent a bike from us.

Make a reservation for one of our Rad power e-bikes. For off-road excursions, you can go for an electric mountain bike with wider tires and front suspension or a leisure bike with a more upright stance and a suspension seat post for a more pleasant ride.


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