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The Perfect EBike for a Family Outing | RadWagon at OZ EBikes

With a sturdy frame, a low center of gravity, and an integrated rear rack, the Radwagon is made with the whole family in mind. Rated the Best Electric Cargo Bike Of 2021 by, the new generation Radwagon 4 is the strongest and most versatile model of the Radwagon series. It features a nimble innovative new tire design meant to achieve a low center of gravity. The revolutionary frame design offers multiple adjustment points and comes with an elevated seat post and highly maneuverable handlebars.

A High-Performance Cargo Bike

The Radwagon features a powerful 750W geared hub motor that can go up to 45 miles per charge and a 4V Lithium-Ion battery. The new 22×3 tires come with a custom tread pattern that ensures a smooth ride on uneven ground and can withstand bumps and obstacles on the trail. It is the perfect bike for riding on unpaved and wild trails. Meanwhile, the new 750W geared hub motor provides twice the power offered by the previous models. It makes uphill hauling much easier and is quick to get to top speed.

The telescopic seatpost can rise to 375mm and can accommodate riders between 5.1 and 6.4 feet in height. Meanwhile, the adjustable handlebar stem allows users to adjust the height, reach, and handlebar angle to suit their preferred riding position. The 11-34 tooth freewheel offers a wide range of gearing options and ensures that riders have extra torque for steep climbs and maintain control of the pedals at top speeds.

The reflective tire sidewall stripping is very robust and provides a wider total reflective area than traditional reflectors for better visibility. The integrated brake light is connected to the main battery pack and includes a brake light indicator that activates every time the rider applies the brakes.

The Tektro Aries brakes give you total control when riding on steep descents or wet trails. The twist grip throttle allows you to use the throttle when you want to rest your feet. It is great for starting your bike when it is loaded with cargo.

The no suspension steel forks and ergonomic grip provide extra comfort, while the steel double-leg kickstand provides a stable base when loading and unloading. Meanwhile, the aluminum chain guide and slap guard protect the chainring and prevent your clothes from getting stuck in the chain.

Designed to Carry Luggage

The Radwagon is designed to carry heavy luggage with a sturdy frame and integrated rear rack that can carry hefty loads or children on a trip. The robust rear rack allows riders to attach baskets, panniers, and platforms and carry loads of up to 120 pounds. You can even mount a caboose or a child seat to carry two kids at the back.

The 750W geared hub motor and lower standover height ensure easy riding even when it is fully loaded. Whether you want to go out with the kids or plan to visit the local park, the Radwagon will do the heavy lifting for you.

Rent the Radwagon At OZ E-Bikes

At OZ E-Bikes we have the latest model of the Radwagon available for hire. You can use it for touring the countryside and marvel at the beauty of Arkansas and the rest of the country. From our location at Bentonville, Arkansas, you can explore the wild bike trails through the parks of northwest Arkansas, including the Ozark mountains and the Razorback Greenway.

Our e-bikes have Class 1 and Class 2 certifications and make riding easy and fun. The pedal power assist system enables you to climb steep trails and makes riding enjoyable for young and elderly riders. With the Radwagon, you can enjoy time outdoors with family and friends and have a fulfilling experience.

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