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Your Local RadPower Bikes Test Ride Center | OZ EBikes

E-Bike Demo Test Rides and Rentals in Bentonville, AR

Have you tried the new Rad Power bikes? Unlike other e-bike types, the Rad Power bikes come with the latest features in the industry, providing improved functionality and efficiency.

At OZ E-Bikes, we offer rentals on Rad Power bikes for individuals seeking to explore the Bentonville outdoors. In addition, we offer demo test rides on brand-new Rad Power bikes to help you get acquainted with the bikes’ features and functionality.

We recommend the best biking trails and offer tour guides on the same, whether you are a local or a visitor. Contact us to book your next e-bike rental to explore the Razorback Greenway Trail and much more in Bentonville, AR.

Rad Power Bike Demo Tests

At OZ E-bikes, we understand how overwhelming it can be to try out a new bike. The Rad Power bikes are known for their cutting-edge latest features and impeccable performance.

While they are not as complicated, brand-new Rad Power bikes may require some extra dedication and effort on your side to give you the best experience. As such, you can count on our demo test rides for the new Rad Power bikes to help you get used to these bikes.

In conjunction with the manufacturer’s Rad Retail Team, we are readily available to answer your questions concerning the new Rad Power bikes. We are also available to set you up with a free test ride and explain the latest features on the new Rad Power bikes.

During our demo test rides on any or all of the new Rad Power bikes, we recommend you ask yourself these three questions:

  • Am I comfortable?
  • Does it fit me?
  • Does this bike suit my riding style?

Our staff will be available to guide you throughout for a seamless demo test ride experience.

Explore the great Bentonville outdoors with confidence after a Rad Power bike demo test ride. Rest assured, we offer you demo test rides on new and well-maintained Rad Power bikes to increase your ride safety and comfort.

Rad Power Bike Rentals

Looking to explore the Razorback Greenway Trail and much more on the great Bentonville outdoors? As a reputable, customer-centered e-bike rental and service company, OZ E-Bikes takes e-bike rentals a notch higher.

We provide a wide range of e-bikes–varying across brands, types, and sizes–to rent for the whole family. You can find a rental e-bike suited to your needs and liking to ease your biking experience as you conquer magnificent Arkansas outdoors.

Known as “The Mountain Bike Capital of the World,” Bentonville, AR is home to several trail systems ideal for the beginner or daring mountain bikers and bicycle tourists. OZ E-Bikes provides you with high-quality e-bikes for rental, regardless of your experience or skill level.

Regardless of their popularity, Rad Power bikes are the top choice for most of our clients looking for an engaging e-bike with low to high assistance levels. We rent out Rad Power bikes and other bike brands for your outdoor exploration.

Our e-bike rental service packages include:

  • Bikes
  • Helmet
  • Locks
  • Trail maps
  • Water bottle with cold water

We also provide our rental customers with complimentary OZ E-Bikes branded water bottles.

Ready to enjoy your biking experience with the new Rad Power bikes? Contact us to schedule demo test rides with the new Rad Power bikes or request e-bike rental services on Rad Power bikes.

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