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YT Decoy Carbon Full Suspension EMTB Details | EMTB RENTALS

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YT Decoy Carbon Full Suspension EMTB Details

The YT Decoy has been described as a ‘hard-hitting E-MTB’ with the endurance and capabilities to handle challenging missions. Suppose you want to explore the beautiful biking trails of Bentonville, enjoy an energetic workout, and interact with nature’s scenic beauty, the YT Decoy Carbon Full Suspension is what you need.

We will find all the features you can use in the EMTB to make your biking experience worthwhile. If you are still looking to purchase the magnificent bike, you can visit OZ E-bikes and explore the great rental options for your venture. Further, they can assist with assembling and replacing bike parts to get you started on the thrilling journey.

YT Decoy Features and Specs

The YT Decoy Carbon Full Suspension is an excellent weapon for hitting your favorite trails along the scenic routes of the great Bentonville area. A Full-Carbon triangle makes the E-MTB lighter and more durable for biking experiences. You will enjoy more exhilarating rides with the mountain bike’s enhanced features, as you will see below.

Let’s dive in.

  • Bike Outlook 

To begin with, the DECOY is geometrically balanced, giving it a clean and neat look. But that’s not all; the front and rear suspensions position allow even a significant body mass to meet maximum speed without compromising the smooth finish. Finally, you will also notice the front wheel (29”) is interestingly larger than the rear wheel (27.5”) to enhance bike airtime when riding.

  • YT Custom Battery

The YT Decoy E-MTB has a powerful 30-power cell battery that allows you to go on long rides without worrying about power. The Core 2 and Core 4 versions have fully integrated batteries attached to the downtube of the triangle to finesse its look. The battery is detachable, so you can have a backup battery for extremely long trails.

  • Flip Chip

To make your rides more engaging and energetic, the YT Decoy’s flip chip lets you adjust the bike’s geometry to suit the terrain. The flip chip acts like an adjustable suspension at the rear. You can decide how smooth or rough you want your biking experience to be as you cruise around the great trails of Bentonville.

  • Internal Cable Routing

You will be impressed by the ingenuity of smart cabling around the bike’s frame. Cables linking essential E-MTB functions are routed carefully inside the mainframe and along the chain stays to reduce any interference from foreign elements. Subsequently, the cables function efficiently and minimize any irritating noises resulting from the interaction of bike parts.

  • Frame Protection

Biking can be a rough experience, especially through rough mountain terrains and treacherous trails. The Decoy notices this and has implemented many protection protocols, so you don’t have to worry about bike damage. While the standard TPE guards protect the chain and seat stays, the PA66 shield ensures the battery and motor are not damaged by the rough terrain.

The Best Trails to go Biking in Bentonville, AR

Bentonville has some of the best biking trails in the continent, perhaps the whole world. You can visit some of these energetic and thrilling trails with the YT Decoy Carbon Full Suspension electronic mountain bike.

Explore some of the following exciting bike trails in Bentonville, AR:

  • Razorback Greenway Trail (Crystal Bridges) – stretches up to 8.7 km and takes approximately one and a half to two hours.
  • Applegate Trail (Coler MTB Preserve) – A scenic bike trail stretching 8.0 km of beautiful sensations.
  • Wishing Springs Trail – Enjoy the 3.7 km tarmacked trail with beautiful scenery in under an hour.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many more nerve-wracking trails in Bentonville, like the Handcut Hollow, Slaughter Pen, John DeSheilds Trail, and North Walton Trail, among others. If you want to create a memorable experience with the YT Decoy Carbon Full Suspension, Contact Us and learn more about what you can do. Our expert team will help you navigate the path and assist with bike repairs, assembly, and a lot more for your convenience.

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