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YT Decoy EMTB Overview | Rent EMTB at OZ E-Bikes

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The YT Decoy Core 2 MX and Decoy 29 Core 2 are some of the most dependable e-mountain bikes available to rent at OZ E-Bikes in Bentonville, Arkansas. 

There are a few features of the YT Decoy series that stand out among popular e-bikes. For starters, it features a YT custom battery that allows it to achieve a sleek clean look on the road. Fully integrated in the Decoy’s downtube, the battery’s 30 power cells have sufficient to quench your trailing thirst.

Other premium features of the YT Decoy include:

  • Flip Chip

Ideally located at the e-bike’s lower shock mount, the flip chip allows you to make quick adjustments to the geometry, depending on the terrain and your riding style. To achieve better performance on long steep climbs, flip the chip to the high position. On the other hand, if you do not need higher ground clearance on a smooth terrain, you can easily flip it back to the low position and have a more laid-back ride to your destination.

  • Bearings

The bearings on the YT Decoy feature an additional seal to keep the bearings dry and dust-free, which extends the bike’s service life.

  • Headtube

The headtube of the YT Decoy is pre-formed directly into its frame, which helps to optimize the e-bike’s weight to performance ratio. Combined with the Decoy’s ZeroStack design and its integrated bearing shells, this makes the e-bike highly dependable on rough trails and highly durable. 

  • Internal Cable Routing

The Decoy has all its cables almost entirely internally routed in its frame. Using an internal cable tube, all internal cables are guided through the bike’s chainstay and are wrapped in foam to prevent them being lost and reduce weight.

  • Virtual Four Link

Boasting one of the most acclaimed suspension systems, the YT Decoy offers excellent mid-stroke support and strong progressivity in the end-stroke. The top-of-the-line V4L suspension technology also offers a high anti-squat amount to keep your rear suspension neutral, which improves pedal efficiency and, hence, performance.

  • Powerful Shimano Steps EP8 Motor

The Shimano EP8 produces an impressive 85 NM torque, is 300 grams lighter, and 10% smaller than its predecessor. This makes the Shimano Steps EP8 motor the lightest 85 NM motor currently on the market. With the E-TUBE PROJECT app, the YT decoy can easily be adjusted to the trail and the rider to make the most of the outstanding E-MTB power.

  • Rent Your YT Decoy EMTB Today

There are various categories to choose from if you are unsure which bike is right for you. Regardless of the length of your trip, the YT Decoy ha some of the best e-bikes to choose from. What’s more, you get to choose your wheels, color, and e-bike size.

OZ E-bike rentals in Bentonville, AR offers you the chance to join in the hype and rent an e-bike for that unforgettable trailing experience. There are plenty of state-of-the-art trail systems to trend in and around Bentonville, AR. You can simply book a rental, leave your car in our parking lot, and ride right on to the trailheads on a YT Decoy.

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